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A considerable measure of writing has been composed on the subject of segment yet Khushwant Singh basically concentrates on the outcomes of parcel. Khushwant Singh was an outstanding Indian writer, maker and legitimate consultant. . A great deal of writing has been composed on the subject of segment yet Khushwant Singh chiefly concentrates on the results of segment. Khushwant Singh’s dad was one of most acclaimed makers of his Time. Khushwant Singh got his training at Modern School in New Delhi. He got his advanced education from government school in Lahore and in the end learned at St. Stephen’s College in New Delhi and King’s College in London. Khushwant Singh has likewise composed much political and social analysis for productions, including The Illustrated Weekly of India, The National Herald and the Hindustan Times. Singh was additionally known for his written work and Indian writing like ‘Prepare to Pakistan'(1956) ‘Delhi: A Novel'(1990) ‘The Company of Women’ (1999), ‘Truth, Love and a Little Malice’ (2002), ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous’ (2013), .For his greatly great support of the Indian culture and culture, he was granted with a Padma Bhushan, however because of his profound disdain for Operation Blue Star, he returned it back to the legislature. Khushwant Singh wound up noticeably prominent with the production of Train to Pakistan in 1956.This likewise won the “Woods Press India Fiction Prize” for Year 1956. Initially it is entitled Mano majra which recommends static, while the present tiltle, Train to Pakistan ,suggests change.This maybe prompts V.A.Shahane to remark that “The change o title of the novel from Mano Majra to Train to Pakistan is in with the topic of the novel.” Mano Majra a little town arranged close to fringe in Punjab and known for the railroad station else it has no political or military significance .Its populace of Sikhs and Muslims, landowners and agriculturists, live in simple comradeship. Singh’s characters Hukum Chand, Iqbal and Juggut Singh demonstrate threesides of segment , in this manner giving various points of view. Hukum Chand is a Hindu justice and subsequently gives a hindu point of view of the occasion of parcel. He is an administration official so his valuea and activities portray human welfare rther than the predisposition he has against Muslims. Juggut, then again is a sikh rebel who forfeits his life trying to spare the lives of moving muslims.another essential character of novel is Iqbal who remains for all personalities. His religious personality stays questionable and a state of conflict till the finish of the novel. He remains for every religious personality. Khushwant Singh has isolated the novel into four sections and it is the fourth part named karma.In this segment the story achieves its emotional end with juggut singh yielding his life to spare the lives of his better half nooran and different Muslims. jugga does not delay evan for a minute while giving up his life for nooran and different Muslims. He never like Iqbal,indulges in the issue of profound quality or productivity of his activities , and abandons it to Guru (God) to segregate between the riegh and the wrong and reward them as needs be, juggut comprehends the philiosophy of Granth Sahib in genuine sense,which says For God is valid and dispenseth truth. There the eleet his court enhance, Furthermore, God Himself their activities honors.(Train to Pakistan 183) The point of the examination is to investigate the sentiments of affection and sympathy that we find on pages of the prepare to Pakistan by Khuswant Singh by concentrating on the character jugut Singh.

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