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A profession of an
advanced practice nurse (APN) offers numerous opportunities and plays a
significantly important role in the current and future healthcare environment. According
to The American Association of Colleges of Nursing, there are four directions
that can be chosen as being an APN:  a
nurse anesthetist, a nurse-midwife, a clinical nurse specialist, or a nurse
practitioner. APNs are responsible for primary and preventative care to help
people enjoy good health.  The scope of
practice for APNs depends on the state policy and regulations; accordingly, it
differs from state to state. This paper is written to describe a transition
from a practice nurse (PN) to an advanced practice nurse (APN) with a
professional development plan including a plan of actions. This plan consists
of regulations and requirements that are necessary to receive a licensure and
practice as an APN in the confirmed state. The action plan, respectively,
includes all the competencies, work results and achieved goals that are crucial
for being an APN. The purpose of this work is to present an example of the
scope of practice of a certified advanced practice nurse in the state of Florida,
a personal assessment using Benner’s novice to expert model, networking and
marketing strategies, a CV, and a conclusion that summarizes main aspects of
the APN professional development plan.

APN Scope of Practice

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The vast majority
of APNs are primary care providers. They work as family practitioners, pediatricians,
and women’s health specialists. An APN counsels patients and gives advice how
to change their lifestyles in order to prevent future hospitalization and
accidents, thus cutting their healthcare costs. The best match for a position
of an APN in the state of Florida is a person with the background in nursing
that completed a master’s degree or post-master’s degree certification or
completed an appropriate course from an approved nursing specialty board. In
general, an APN should provide certification, registration, proof of malpractice
insurance or exemption, and electronic fingerprinting. “Effective July 1, 2006,
all specialties of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner applying for
licensure in Florida must provide proof of National Certification” (“Advanced
Registered Nurse”, 2018, para. 1).  The duties and
responsibilities of an APN in Florida include examining patients, conducting
screening, diagnostic treatment, taking medical histories, maintaining patient
records, providing nursing care to patients with multiple diagnoses, implementing
total patient care through a team nursing process and otherwise treat health
conditions. Under Florida law, an APN does not have the authority to prescribe
controlled substances. Also,
in Florida, it is prohibited to sign “a Baker Act, a death certificate, to certify
DNR orders” (“Advanced
Registered Nurse”, 2018, para. 4).  An APN is not recognized
by Medicare and Medicaid as primary care providers. Generally speaking, an APN is concentrated more
on patient wellness and disease prevention. (“Advanced
Registered Nurse”, 2018).

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