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Abbyy FineReader 14The latest version of software activation is the Abbyy FineReader 14 which can now be easily downloaded.Documents and pictures can be scanned before saving them in the system by using this software.As it does not required to enter data again and again so it,s time saving tool.One of the advantage is that due to it,s low size it does not have any type of system requirement.All this tool have to do is to just scanned the documents and we can also make changes to the edited file.Abbyy FineReader 14 is now have a completely new looking interface which is so user friendly and so simple to use.For even a new user it,s very easy to use this software because this tool dont require any complex methods.This tool is used all across the world to create copies of data and also to make copies of media files.Windows operating system and Mac both are compatible to use this software.It is one of the awesome application which comes with many new features for Optimal Recognization System it comes at #1.By using this you can easily scan your business and personal files.You can also make a file with OCR detection if you own it,s premium function.Scan Any FileBy using this awesome #1 scanning tool you are able to scan your data,pictures or anything you want just in a single click.You can also scan your data by using PDF file function as this tool consists of this function.Now it,s also works on linux due to some changing in this tool.Between any of the two terms always use professional one because there is so much difference between them.Create Any ThingNow with one click you can make Searchable PDFs.By using more than one file PDF can also be created search,protect,comment,annotate and to make it prepare for sharing and much more.From original papers information can be extracted.Many languages can be supported.Images can quickly converts into text fastly and accurately.From various areas extracts tables and text.PDFs can be easily converts into the form which is editable.What,s NewFantastic OCR and gives high quality of document conversion.Now with new interface having an intuitive look.All major issues has now been solved.Digitize Paper DocumentsThere are two main problems in documents which you can not easily solve them.Abbyy FineReader has been created to solve these problems easily by digitizing the media of paper.It can also take care of documents like PDF and gives you the choice that what you want to do with him. Abbyy FineReader is the latest software uses optical character recognitionon photos or scans for text,tables,layout and the language for the document.From the Inside of the program result can be easily edited or can be exprted to the word.PerformanceThe Working of Abby FineReader is very impressive.We tests a document which is photographed using an iphone,and  that document is perfectly converts without any type of errors.With images there are minor issues sometimes,Generally this programs will gives you very impressive results.this program can also export files to HTML,PDF,DOC or XLS.For digitize paper documents,This program is the best and easy to use for everyone.CompatibilityAll cameras and scanners are also supported by Abbyy FineReader is very easy to use.It automatically detects any device that is connected,So the document can be scan or to choose any image from your hard drive.The reading of the image has taken place then two windows shows up.One window shows the image which is original and the other window shows the editable version of that original one.Key FeaturesConvert PDFs and ScanOne of the feature of this program which is it famous is it,s technology of OCR to exactly converts the any type of document or paper,PDF and provide scanning to word,exel,PDF which is searchable and also the other types of format.Due to the technology of OCR this program creates processing easy and fast.within few minutes you can easily scan all of your documents.       2.   Automate Conversion

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