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The Bluebeard

A French folktale – ‘The Bluebeard’ (see Fig.1) was
first written down by the famous French author Charles Perrault who regarded as the
father of the fairytale (T .Evans, 1805).
tale is started by a young woman marries a rich blue-bearded widower who also
notorious for his cruelty. He forbids her from
enters the lock chamber, proclaiming that disobedience can put her at
risk or even death .Like those before her the
defiant wife enters the room. Discover the gruesome scene which there his murdered
predecessors. Frightened, she drops the key into a pool of blood. Due to the
key is permanently stained, Bluebeard finds out her noncompliance. He is about
to kill her, but she is narrowly escapes his clutches in a nick of time. The
brothers of the wife and her sister arrive and execute Bluebeard. Eventually his
wife inherits his fortune and castle (Heta Pyrhönen, 2010).

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 ‘The Bluebeard’ has been published in the earlier version of Grimms’ Fairy Tales. As
long as the story it selves is full of unreasonable brutal and bloody content,
and the strong storyline is difficult to be modified, it did not continue to be
included in the rest of updated version of not just The Grimms’ Fairy Tales and
also all. Therefore, ‘The Bluebeard’ is one
of the few fairy tales that still maintain the original appearance and having a
very strong sense of allegory and virtues that should be always absorbed by the world. The
tragedy of Bluebeard might be a happy ending that make people neglect the reason why Bluebeard wanted to kill his wives. It
is not explained why he murdered his first bride; she could not have entered
the lock chamber and found a dead wife.

The Bluebeard and Its Influence

In the
1812 version published in Grimms’ Fairy Tales, had written that in his château (royal or lordly dwelling
usually located in the countryside) there
is a basins which collected the blood. The idea to be the basic of Bluebeard had wanted to cure him
– the blue beard by bathing in blood (Winfried Menninghaus, 1999). This may be the motivation to make him started his journey to murder his wives.
Hence, we could also think that his first wife was killed by the social
discrimination of the minority.

The tale narrated of the tragedy caused by social discrimination against
minorities. When it’s come to this topic everyone will have their own ideas and perception behind it. The
goals of this collection is to unfold the real meaning of the
stories and bring out the message which is ‘being
different is not terrible but just lucky enough to not being the same’. In default aesthetics is a very abstract yet
subjective human appreciation. Everyone has different standards and insights
for their own aesthetic, it depends a lot of personal preference and lifetime
experiences. Therefore we
should not subjectively despise or use abusive words and action to ridicule what
we think is not good, that may be someone who will always appreciate on it. Also hope that through this collection to encourage people to
face themselves more confidently. Some time the things that make us mock by
people is also a precious reason to make us look special then everyone.

Fairy tales in Fashion Industry

Fairy tales have
influenced all aspects of our lives, except in stimulating our imagination and helping
in our moral development; fashion is also one of the inseparable object presences
with fairy tale. In recent seasons many luxury brands have obtained much applause
for their elevated take on folkloric aesthetic, like the Valentino Fall 2013 (see
Fig.2). Furthermore, Dolce & Gabbana used “Enchanted Sicily” as
the inspiration for their autumn
and winter 2014 collection that borrowed from the
Brothers Grimm (see Fig.3). All the familiar fairy-tale elements such as capes, hoods
and peasant dresses were peppered throughout the whole collection to infuse
a very creative visual effect. Creative design with a seductive theme certainly resonates right now
collection (Rebecca Gonsalves, 2014).

culture has also a large part to play, bringing all the tales to life is also
the hot topics in this few seasons. All the
classic fairy tales have been presented in real life in the big screen, and made
the vintage and bold Victorian fashion style return again to the fashion
mainstream in this 21st century. See the recent season
runway show of Gucci or Dolce and Gabbana, is not difficult to find out that
the fashion runways have been certainly infused by the retro elements like the
puffy sleeve, ruffles, laces and others.

Reason for Choosing ‘The Bluebeard’

The Bluebeard is one of
a very old folktale and yet not that familiar to the public. Instead of
choosing those popular ‘happily ever after’ princess story in the Disney fairy
tales, ourselves know that an air of mystery is more attractive and empowering.
It is also the most crucial reason to use ‘The Bluebeard’ as the inspiration
for this project.

On the other hand, along with the
time and the current affairs, societies pay more attention to topics such as
minority rights and bullying. This brought a big
change in the concept of fashion and also the kind of sartorial trends, both within
the fashion industry
as well as on the ground at grassroots level.  In recent seasons, the market data is clearly
shown that consumers are more tend to appreciate the aesthetic of outré. People
are tried enough to be normal and often looking to stand out from the crowd. Moreover,
see the popularity of the ‘IKEA bag’ from Balenciaga and the incredibly well sales of Gucci and Vetements, it  can easily proved that consumers are tend to spend
more money on products which always keeping in young, fresh and wild at heart. The
aesthetic of outré is continuing strongly on next few seasons and there’s no
sign of this trend slowing down. As a result, all the apparel designs on this collection
will keep on this way and combining with the theme, create some startling
designs and inspire customers to be playful with their look.



Inspiration from ‘The Bluebeard”

Garment plays a compelling
role in fairy tales, filled with magical powers; represent vanity or wealth of
particular characters. Fairy tales usually only provide some plots, in addition
to what the plot needs, clothing and accessories are often vivid description of
the genre to enhance the overall sense. So the very first step to develop the
design is looking into the clothing and accessories of each character. Generally
believed that the blueprint of ‘The Bluebeard’ is the King of England Henry
VIII from the behavior of the Bluebeard killing his wife, therefore all the
costumes in the story are imbued with 15th century features and elements.



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