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Today the  world is shifted  to  building good 
Cities and humans need  the globe
on their hands, Its open the revolutions of computing  and smart environment . Internet of Things
(IoT) is an wonderfull  rising technology
to influence the net and communication technologies. Merely   ”
Internet of Things” connects  “living and
lifeless things”  through   “internet”. The wireless  sensor  device networks in smart  town design generated  high quanity  of information  in everyday  inside the totally  different domains, with applications  as well as environmental  observance, health observance  and 
vehicle observance. To want advantage of the increasing amounts of data
there’s a desire  for new way  and techniques for effective data management,
and analyse and generate the  knowledge that
 helped to managing the use of resources
konwledgable manner and dynamically.This 
analysis represent, a Multi-Layer   Smart city
design  is supported  based on internet  technologies . This explained in terms of its
ideas  and some real-time  context-aware situations. Historically  inside the object oriented model  everything in the globe is considered as an
object, but in the IoT paradigm everything within the world is considered as a
smart object, and allows them to interface  to each other over the internet technologies
by tangibly or non-tangibly. IoT is the network of physical objects-devices,
vehicles, buildings and different  things  embedded with physics, software, sensors, and
network connectivity-that permits  these
objects to collect  and exchange data. In
the year of 2000s Internet connectivity became the rule  for several 
 applications and today is
expected as part of many  company,
industrial and client product to provide access to information. The important features of a smart city
include a high level of data technology integration and a complete application
of  information resources. The essential  elements  of urban development for a smart town  should include smart technology, smart
industry, smart services, smart management and smart life.

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