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Abstract: In a developing country like India, Public Library plays revolutionary performance in socio-economic change. With technological innovation Public Library provides various unique services. To fulfil the dream of making ‘Digital India’, Public Library has to perform digitally along with conventional way. This paper focuses on the present structure of public library systems in India, some innovative services through digital means, roles of RRRLF in improving public libraries. To give a futuristic view to the public library services, digital reference sources must be used.Key words: Public Library Structure, Innovative Public Library Services, RRRLF, Digital Library, Common Services CentresI. Introduction A public library is a non-profit centre for people for their enrichment of knowledge and serves as a source of their personal and professional need of information in their life. It not only promotes adequate information to the people but also a key factor of social inclusion. India has a rich history of culture and education. And public libraries has a great impact in it from past to present. But now public libraries and its services are not up to the mark like developed countries like America, England etc. As the developed countries have moved their library services from traditional to digital mode, India as a developing country is facing some socio-economical problems to provide digital references in major areas of society.II. Literature Review  Kaliya Perumal and Baskaran(2010)states that, the public library exists from civilization of mankind and acts as the important custodian of human culture, knowledge and social customs.  Deshpande(2000)has observed the significance of public libraries in developing countries with their unique characteristics and proposed various services of public libraries in respect of various classes of the society.  Shahade Gokhale Roopa(2014)stated that the public libraries have recognized their role to satisfy information needs of all types of people in the society, also gave a clear structure of public libraries in India with the recommendations of NML for the development of libraries and information centres to make public libraries equipped with information.  Sami L.K,Iffat R.(2008)has discussed on the probable ICT applications in some areas which will be the instrument of rural development and make rural people up to date.  Kumbar B.D and Lamani B.M(2014)focuses on the role of rural library as a community information centre in the development of rural masses in Educational, Cultural, Socio-economic and Political areas and investigates the present status of public libraries in Karnataka and also proposed the services of rural public libraries should be as community information centre.III.ObjectivesThe objectives of this study are to know:The present structure of Public Library system in India.About some innovative public library services through digital reference services.The Role of RRRLF in the improvement of public libraries.IV.Present hierarchical structure of Public Library systems in IndiaNational Library – National depository, Creation of National Bibliography, Union catalogue, Procure foreign publication about country. State Central Library – e-governence, Colaborative publishing, Hub of Networked Library Services.District Library – Coordination of rural knowledge centres, Contact development.Subdivitional Library- e learning, Inter library loan, Community information services.Rural knowledge Centre – Community information centre, development of rural community.V. Innovative services by Public Library through digital resources5.1Public Library and Health information services As we all know that health is wealth and public library should take major initiatives in scattering health related information. In present era, most of the people specially in rural India are unaware of basic health related information. We see Health Education Library for People (HELP) in Mumbai gives valuable information relating to health to the patient. Also there are many library consortia like HELINET, ICMR e-consortia that provide health information. So public library can play a major role in providing e-health services through digital reference services.5.2Public Library and Business Information services Public library also can play an important role in providing new business ideas to the users who seeks it. In rural areas, to make poor people established, public library can recommend proper business plans by measuring particular human resource through traditional or digital means. It also can provide market related information, news of share market to respective users in what medium they want.5.3Public Library and Legal information services As we are passing through the age of technology and digitization, it is seen that common people or mostly students violate the cyber law knowingly or unknowingly. For this, they face certain consequences. The role of public library is very important in this regard as we are not generally seeing. A public library can make them educate about cyber law, intellectual property rights, copy right related uses. Not only cyber law related information but all sorts of legal awareness should be enriched among the citizens by public library.5.4Public Library and Government services To make ‘Digital India’, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India has launched a Common Services Centres (CSC) scheme for delivery of essential public utility services, social welfare schemes, healthcare, financial, education and agricultural services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country. “It is a pan-India network catering to regional, geographical, linguistic and cultural diversity of the country, thus enabling the Government’s mandate of a socially, financially and digitally inclusive society.” And if all the public libraries can be associated with CSC, it will enrich the usability of public library and also fulfil the motives of Government initiatives.5.5Public Library and Career Counselling Programs Unemployment is now a serious problem in India. Today’s public libraries can be a key source of job and career support for their communities. The Department of libraries and Research organized a special career counselling program at Srinagar and Jammu on December 6 and 7 for 12th class students who usually find themselves at the crossroads while planning for professional studies. It is a great approach. Also Kanpur Public Library on 29th May in 2014 organized a career counselling workshop for students. Also non Government foundation like Fair & Lovely is giving now free online Career Guidance. If in India all public libraries provide this type of services, more young generation will go to library and unemployment will surely be reduced.VI.Role of RRRLF in the improvement of public libraries In order to improve the library facilities in India RAJA RAMMOHUN ROY LIBRARY FOUNDATION has adopted various matching and non matching schemes of activities .In matching based scheme there are-  1.Assistance towards building up adequate stock of books and reading materials.  2.Assistance to public libraries  for construction and renovation of building.  3.It promotes capacity building courses ,seminars ,workshops.etc  4.It also assists towards mobile libraries, rural deposit centres, computer for library application etc.Non matching schemes  1.Assistance to children ,women, senior citizen, neo literate, career guidance section in public library.  2.Assistance towards collection and compilation of library statistics, throughout the nation.Digital Library Initiatives   Digitization of rare books, Pre independence news papers, journals and copyright free materials etc. are being done to create a national repository of rare materials available in public libraries in India. It is also declared as the nodal agency of NATIONAL MISSION ON LIBRARIES for administrative and logistic purposes. It is the technical partner of NML on the implementation of 3 projects like 1.Setting up of NML model libraries. 2.Quantative and qualitative survey of libraries.  3.Capacity building. In this regard the MINISTRY OF CULTURE, GOVT OF INDIA has approved Rs400 crore for the scheme ‘NML-upgradation of libraries-providing services to the public’ in 12th plan period, where creation of NVLI was a major component.VII.Suggestions To make change public library from traditional to digital in case of providing services following recommendations may be done.1.ATM Library- 24 hour library is open as like bank ATM counter automatically without human               intervention.2.Mobile library- a motorised vehicle carrying library material.3.QR Code- two dimensional barcode which can be scanned by a cell phone camera prompting the cell phone to load a webpage or display text contained in the code.4.CAS & SDI through Social Networking Sites like facebook, whatsapp.5.Digital assistance to user who seeks it.VIII.Conclusion In conclusion we can say we have to walk with time. And time is moving fast like light. So to keep the existence of public library, it has to be changed with time. The modern age is the age of technology. And public library must use the technology to provide services. In this digital age public library has to be digitally sound and equipped. The deployment of competent library professionals with technological fluency will give optimum result of digital reference system. The Government should provide the required things for the development of public library for the paperless society that is coming soon. 

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