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In this short, based on the physical mechanism together with a reasonable transistor size, a robust 10T memory cell is the first proposed to improve the level of reliability in the environment of aerospace radiation, maintaining the main advantages of small area, low power, and high stability. Using Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Standard commercial process of 65 nm CMOS, simulations performed in Tanner tool demonstrate the capacity of the proposal 10T cell hardened by radiation to tolerate both 0 to 1 And 1 to 0 upsets with single node, with both read / write operations can be accessed.

SRAMs have been widely adopted in various aerospace electronic systems systems, and play an important role in the delay, area, power and criticality Reliability In aerospace applications, SRAMs have a fundamental limit this constitutes a challenge in the reliability induced by energy particles. Therefore, disturbed individual events (SEUs) represent a serious reliability error mechanism that can cause a malfunction of an electronic system override the stored value. When the load the particle hits a sensitive node of an integrated circuit, the charge along its path can be collected and accumulated efficiently through drift processes. Once a transient voltage pulse is generated of the accumulated load is above the switching threshold of the circuit, the value stored in this sensitive node will be changed.

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