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When it comes to the working force, we all
offer different skills and job abilities. As American citizen, this is what
grants us the ability to have power on cultural capital. Without a doubt, the
establishment of cultural capital helps people climb the social ladder to
success; without requiring the need of wealth or financial capital. Primarily
cultural capital, is owning the benefit that grants us the ability to advance
in society. Our skills and job abilities are what gives us the power to social
mobility, without the use of any financial measure.  Cultural capital, is basically divided into
three parts: institutionalized, embodied, and objectified. Along, with these
three concepts cultural capital is unlikely to be measured without prejudice.
In other words, if one is born into a cultural capital family, it is easier for
them to require more because they are socialized to honor the values and
behaviors their society has inputted to reward. Cultural capital is the amount of
knowledge, accomplishments and skills that we use to show our cultural adequacy,
and the social status we have in society.

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is cultural capital?

Cultural capital is composed throughout the
social quality
of a person. Cultural capital is not only about the education a person has that
determines their intelligence; yet their ability to the style of speech they
utilize and even how they dress. This all produces the promoting into what the
social mobility, to climb the success ladder we have in society. Cultural
capital takes on the role as a social-relation that includes the economy system
of exchange. Also, cultural capital contains all the substances and other
symbolic goods without variations, that today’s society considers
rare. Being worked as a social relation, cultural capital highly has the
participation of the collection of cultural knowledge that extend the social
status and power.

In reference to Dr. Cole publisher of the
article What is Cultural Capital? Do I
Have It?, the theory of cultural capital was developed by Pierre Bourdieu.
He believed that our cultural knowledge assists to our society as currency that
helps explore culture, giving us more opportunities (Cole, 2017). Typically,
cultural capital is defined by the material objects you possess, just as
clothes, cars and phones. Other elements to cultural capital are embodied
concepts, which include the type of matters we use, the skills we possess and
the type of credentials that we get. Basically, cultural capital is never
composed of the economic status you are placed. However, this could be exchange
for money and vise versa this will produced more cultural capital. In other
words, that money will help the cycle of cultural capital to continue.   

Pierre Bourdieu, believed that cultural
capital can also play the role of social inequality (Cole, 2017). For example,
the less fortunate and the working class in society, have a harder time earning
the good types of cultural capital that is highly valued in society. Therefore,
if a people that’s less fortune or is part of the working class is getting an
education to earn a degree is a crucial part of cultural capital. To illustrate
a scenario, would be a student that is financially unstable and is working all
evening shift to take care of his family. This would lead to the student
stressing with the constant struggle of not being able to find time study. As a
result, the student will have bad grades, poor performances during class and
low-test scores. Slowly, his lack of improving his test scores will shut doors
for universities, he had plan to attend. The final result of this student will
grant him less cultural capital. Primarily, in our nation the lower social class
that you are placed in will equal the amount of cultural capital that you will
receive. In the United States, the class that is mostly recognized is the
upper-middle class, they originally have more cultural capital leading them to
dominate the culture society in our nation.

To understand the three concepts of
cultural capital, we must first acknowledge the role they play. To begin with objectified
cultural capital is how society measures our social capital. An example of
objectified cultural is, a cell phone. Nowadays, a cell phone is highly
valuable, therefore its worth transforms its into cultural capital. The second
cultural capital is institutionalized, this is the same as
being part of a sorority which gives you the title of participating in the Greek
life.  Meaning, that you are apart of a certain
group in society which automatically makes gives you the power of culture capital.
Lastly, embodied cultural capital is the form of acknowledgement the resides us.
Such as, having speaking skills and obtaining formal schooling and education.

In conclusion, culture capital is what assists
everyone to get promoted in the social mobility in which they are in. The social
ladder to success us what mainly defines each capital. All capitals, might have
different names, different working methods and targets; but they all aim to achieve
a higher rank on our social classes levels. Capitalism, is what defines America
and is what helps define an American. In culture capital, we use the amount of
knowledge we obtain, all the different types of accomplishments we have achieved
and the skills we possess.  Cultural capital
is primarily used to demonstrate our cultural adequacy. The social status we are
placed in society shines among us, through culture capital.






















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