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AbstractA person can experience many things during their unconscious stage. Some are bad and some allow them to interpret things that their cautious mind will not comprehend. According to Freud, dreams help guide you to your personal development and help with achieving your full potential. When the mind is cautious it isn’t aware of the things going around you while you are cautious that your dreams go more into detail about while you are asleep. There are four stages of sleep, with REM (rapid eye movement) being the fourth stage. The stages are the way your eyes, brain and your muscles react the farther you get into the stages. Psychology Field of DreamsDreams are a strange and a wonderful experience that you get to comprehend in your unconscious mind. People like Freud and Carl have studied the different levels of sleep, although coming up with their own ideas. Sleeping can bring a relaxing feeling but although it can cause effects that can sometimes become dangerous like sleepwalking and sleep paralysis. There are even experts who encourage others to try dream incubation when they need a problem solved or a reasoning. Dreams can tell you more about others and yourself as a person. Scientist believe that dreams show you your insight on the future or an ancestral life. Scientists would take children and show them videos or images, afterword they would record the child’s breathing and reactions during sleep. They would ask the children what they were dreaming about and see if it matched the images or the videos shown. Some dream reports have allowed them to track human sleep throughout a child’s childhood. Now they can compare different cultures, how men and women react differently during sleep. When you have dreams of falling, flying or being chased it comes from more people in diverse cultures, backgrounds or races. The threat simulation theory is believed to be known as an ancient biological defence mechanism that tells the mind that there could be possible threatening events and they need to be avoided. Sigmund Freud was a psychoanalyst who proclaimed that there were three different levels of recognition and he believed that personality and behavior were acquired from the constant and distinct communication. The three levels of awareness are the preconscious, conscious and the unconscious mind. All of these parts in the mind influence behavior by allowing you to interpret feelings. One of the three components is conscious mind which is where our mind will bring up feelings, memories and our thoughts. This part of our mind is where we can talk, walk, and comprehend. The preconscious which is what we can retrieve from our memory or anything that could be retrieved from the conscious mind, may people allow this to be the part where you daydream or think about past experiences while you are still in your conscious mind. The unconscious which is where the mind shows the things your mind could not while cautious, many people feel it is a place for pain, anxiety and any kind of conflict. Freud had a theory that these unexpected thoughts and feelings would arise from slips of the tongue or in dreams These ideas were developed into an iceberg model that became shocking to the public. Carl Jung who becomes known for his assumptions in analytical psychology was believed to be an early follower of Freud. In 1912 he criticized Freud’s theories “I shall continue to stand by you publicity while maintaining my own views, but privately shall start telling you in my letters what I really think of you” (Carl 2014). Carl did not think that Freud’s theories were correct. He believed that the three main perspectives were ego, the collective unconscious and the personal conscious. Your personal unconscious contains your forgotten memories where your collective unconscious is from an ancestral past.The four stages of sleep are how your body, eyes and muscles react heading into the unconscious mind. Stage one is known as the introduction to sleep, this is where your eyes try to fight and say open. The heart rate will tend to start speeding up. Your muscles start to relax and your brain activity declines. People start to get the sensations of falling which causes them to jump. Stage two is also called the beginning of sleep, which is a light, dreamless sleep. It brings in a relaxation for your body before your dreams start to come through. Many people call this part of your sleep the dead zone. You are still aware to sounds and actions that are being taken place around you, which would allow you to wake up easily due to a light sleep. Stage three which is known as the slow wave sleep, it is the deep sleep your body and mind go through. This step causes bedwetting, sleepwalking and nightmares. This stage heads into building up physical and mental energy, which is where the body gets its rest. Your brain and muscle activity will decrease significantly and you won’t be eager to engage in the conversations near you. There are many people who experience difficulty breathing due to the relaxation of the muscles. Stage four is the REM process which is known as the rapid eye movement. REM is where the dreaming occurs that allows for the improvement of brain function and creating long term memories. Your muscles in the body become paralyzed which could possibly cause sleep apnea or sleep suffocation. Stages three and four are known as the “deep sleep” because it is very difficult to wake someone up that is in those stages. You can go through many cycles of the stages during the night with a longer time in REM stage and in slow waves.When you are in the REM stage you wish that you could allow yourself to see the dreams you want to see instead of the dreams that show you the truth. Many cultures practice a method known as Dream Incubation which allows you to practice a technique to plant a specific dream topic into a seed to occur while you are asleep. Many people who need a problem to be solved or are just trying to look for help find themselves trying to “plant a seed” in their minds, hoping it will allow them to find what they are looking for. While most dreams occur spontaneously there are dreams that show a small portion of solving pieces in an artwork design or create plots to novels. According to the book The Committee of Sleep, it shows that there are examples of dreams which led to some of the most major achievements in different times, the people who have experienced it say that it allows a safe place for their mind to be creative and not focus on anything else besides the workpiece. “It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it” (Barrett). The creations include Stephen King, Ludwig Beethoven, William Blake and many more have been brought into action due to them seeing their creations in their incubated dreams. Dream Incubation has had a lot of studies overtime that show the method to be successful.Sleep paralysis is the stage of awakening or falling asleep in the REM process where your body muscles aren’t moving smoothly. These stages occur when a person passes through the stages of sleep and wakefulness.  During sleep paralysis you could have failure to move and feel that you are having episodes of hearing someone talk, you amy feel that you are seeing something and even feeling things that aren’t there. These episodes can cause fear that would allow people to force themselves to stay awake and thinking they saw something unnatural. These things can be triggered by sleep deprivation, stress or abnormal sleep cycles.  Two people known as Sharpless and Barber completed up to thirty studies on different cultures and diversities. ” I realized that there were no real sleep paralysis prevalence rates available that were based on large and diverse samples” (Sharpless 2017).  For centuries people have believed that it was a sign of evil and creatures were attacking humans at night.Sleepwalking is known as a sleeping disorder in low consciousness that allows you to do activities usually performed in a state of mind. There could be basic ways of sleepwalking like sitting up or walking around, unfortunately there are some forms that could be hazardous like cooking or violence and even driving. They usually have little memory or remember it as a dream. People believe that sleepwalking is a inherited genetic. It is most associated with environmental and medical factors. Nightmares, pregnancy and arrhythmias have been known to increase sleep walking. You can not really stop sleepwalking, you just have to make sure to set up a safe environment. Locking the doors and putting away sharp objects protects you from injuring yourself during sleep.  ConclusionThere are four stages of sleep that show your body movement and your reactions during these stages. Dream incubation allows you to plant a seed to have certain dreams to solve problems or create inspiration. Understanding sleep walking as a certain type of disorder, you know that there are severe types that can harm you if you tend to be violent and there are less harmful types like sitting up. Sleep paralysis is when your muscles in your body don’t move and it allows you to see, feel or hear things that aren’t naturally there. Many things go on during sleep and some could be potentially dangerous.

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