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AbstractIn this research paper I will be finding information about the career of my choosing; architecture. This information includes why I chose architecture as a career and how I became interested in architecture. Along with this I will be answering the following questions: What is an architect? How do you become an architect? What is the salary of an architect? I will also provide a detailed description of an architect. I must also explain whether or not architecture is a high demand career in today’s society. This research paper will also include descriptions of a successful architect or former architect and how I plan on attaining a career as an architect and engineer.Thesis Statement My career choice is architecture. I chose architecture because it is a field in which not many people pursue. I believe it is important to think outside of the box when determining your future. From my own experiences, I seem to get the best outcomes when I stray away from the traditional route. That is why this career choice suits me, because it is uncommon yet still very rewarding. Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and constructing buildings and any other structures. Architecture is a passion and a calling as well as a science and a business.(What is Architecture | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) The practice has also been described as a “social art”  as well as an “artful science.” Architecture must also be the highest quality design. As described by the great roman architect and historian, Marcus Vitruvius, it is a “firmness, commodity, and delight.”(What is Architecture | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada)Why did you choose this career? How did you become interested in the career you are considering attaining? I initially wanted to become an artist, just an artist. From kindergarten to sixth grade, I always wanted to be an artist. However, I didn’t know that the world consisted of many kinds of artists. essentially anything someone does and loves to do is considered an art. Therefore, the kind of artist I always wanted to be was the kind that draws, paints, and designs images & sculptures. Later in life, I found interest in other things. I preferred drawing buildings and structures instead of portraits and abstract. I also liked hands-on work and putting things together. At the same time I liked for things to be mapped, planned, and organized. As a result, I wanted to find a career that combined all these unique aspects into one, and the result was architecture and engineering. What is an architect? An architect is a person Who designs buildings and supervises their construction. An architect can also be called a designer, planner, or draftsman. They plan and design houses office buildings and many other structures. Architects work on public or private projects as well as work on both outdoor and indoor spaces.They can be hired to design anything from one room to a whole complex of buildings.(Architects: Jobs, Career, Salary and Education Information – Architects are responsible for discussing the the objectives, requirements and budget of a project with their clients.They also develop final construction plans after discussing their client’s initial proposals. Architects use computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) as well as building information modeling (BIM) for creating designs and construction drawings. We need places to work, learn, eat, live, shop, and play and architects and architects are the ones who make these places possible. (Architects: Jobs, Career, Salary and Education Information – of an architect Architects work in the construction industry. ( An architect’s job is to design new buildings, and create new ways to use existing buildings. An architect’s involvement continues from the beginning of a particular project up until its completion. In addition architects prepare and present design proposals to their clients.( Many architects are not easy to point out since architects don’t have any specific uniform like those necessary in many other careers. Architects usually spend the bulk of their time working in offices. In this time they meet with clients and develop drawings and reports. Architects also work and consult with other architects and engineers. In addition to this they must also visit construction sites to ensure their clients wishes and objectives are met and to observe the progress of their projects. However, some architects work from home offices.How do you become an architect? What are the steps to becoming a licensed architect? Becoming a licensed architect is a three part process.(Retrieved from The first step is education. The next step would be experience. Last , but not least, the final step is passing an exam. The educational requirement for licensure in most states is a professional degree in architecture from an institution accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board( NAAB).(Retrieved from are currently 3 professional architecture degrees available: Bachelor of Architecture(BArch), Master of Architecture(MArch), and Doctor of Architecture(DArch). They each require 150 credit hours, 168 credit hours (30 graduate), and 120 (undergraduate) plus 90 (graduate) credit hours, respectively. Most states require that a student complete the intern development program before they can become licensed.(Retrieved from architect/) Lastly, the Architect Registration Exam is required in all fifty four jurisdictions in the United States and is broken down into 7 different sections.What is the salary of an architect? In the United States, Architects earn a median salary of $76,100 per year. Architect salaries can usually start at about $46,080 per year and go up to $125,000 per year.(Sokanu) According to the bureau of labor statistics, practicing architects earned an average annual income of $79,300 in 2011. Employees in this field reportedly made $38.13 per hour on average.  Architects in the top 10% reportedly made more than $119,410 per year, while the bottom 10% earned about $44,030 per year.( Architect salaries can vary based on experience as well as degree. Architects with a Master’s degree earned an average of $78,690 per year in 2012, according to the bureau of labor statistics.(careertrend) Salaries for intern architects ranged from $34,000 in their first year following graduation in 2007.  Salaries can also differ by state. For example, the average annual salary for an architect in New York is $76,690 per year, while the average for architects in California is $88,030 per year.Is your career considered a high demand  career in today’s world/society or future? Why or why not? Architects are ranked number four in best engineering jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 4% employment growth between 2016 and 2026 for architects. Although this estimate is a slower growth than the average growth for all jobs, this career field has a relatively low unemployment rate just under 2%.( However, according to “Innovators Guide,” employment is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations. I would say, based on these predictions architecture is a career that is currently not in high demand but could become such eventually, either in the near or far future. Demand for architects with knowledge of sustainable design, is expected to continue.(bureau of labor Sustainable is also known as “green design.” It is design that reduces harmful effects on human health and the environment.(Thought Co.) In this field, competition is expected, mainly for positions at the most well known architecture firms. The best opportunities are presented to architects who have distinguished creativity and extensive knowledge, for example, knowledge of “green design.” Descriptions of a successful person who is currently working in the career field, or have worked, you are considering. Robert R. Taylor was an African American architect who was born in North Carolina in 1868.(savingplaces) Taylor became the first architect to graduate from M.I.T, in 1892. Taylor learned construction and carpentry from his father, who was a former slave. Prior to enrolling in M.I.T, Taylor worked as a construction foreman.(savingplaces) Taylor is also the country’s first academically trained Black architect.(savingplaces) In 1892, Booker T. Washington recruited Taylor to work at the tuskegee institute in Alabama. There, he was an influential educator for nearly 40 year. Taylor created the architecture and construction trade program that inspired countless students.(savingplaces) Robert R. Taylor’s works include the Oaks, Booker T. Washington’s home, the Tuskegee Institute’s social center, and the tuskegee chapel, which was burned down in 1957. Many of Taylor’s buildings still stand to this day.How do you plan on attaining the career you have chosen? Obtaining a career in architecture typically requires a bachelor’s degree. A high school graduate who wants to become an architect can pursue a bachelor of architecture program, that usually takes five years to complete.( Pre-professional bachelor’s degree programs in Architectural Studies or construction management take about four years to complete. All practicing architects must hold a bachelor’s degree from a program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.( licensure can be obtained after practicing architects have aquired three years of experience in the field.( Once I graduate high school, I plan to enroll in a summer art program. By doing so I will be able to further extend my knowledge of creative design. From there I will enroll in an institution with an accredited architecture program and major in architecture. To better my opportunities in this field, I plan to earn a graduate degree in architecture. During this, I will participate in internships to help me gain experience and eventually take the Architecture Registration Exam.

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