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AbstractThe 5G revolution is rushing towards us and it will carry an entire new era of harm from microwave frequency radiation and those who raise their voice towards this threat were subjected to harassment or any attempt to hold them in silence.5G will change everything, everywhere and will enable actualizing IoT but it possesses huge health risks as EMF radiation affects the health of humans as well as has an effect on the environment. 1 “The health effect issue of 5G is potentially very controversial as the communications industry is massive and 5G technology will be quite pervasive but its long-term health effects on humans are largely unknown”.I. INTRODUCTION 5G stands for fifth generation and refers to the next and up-to-date mobile wi-fi standard as per the IEEE standards of broadband era, despite the fact that a formal preferred for 5G is yet to be set. 5G is supposed to be the era that allows IoT to exist and tie all internet connected gadgets together. 2 “5G Wi-Fi connections are set to be about three times faster than 4G, starting with 450Mbps in single-stream, 900 Mbps (dual- stream) and 1.3G bps (three-stream). So, whilst we are already starting to see a huge growth in IoT and smart devices, 5G’s speed and capacity will enable an even more rapid arrival of this connected future”.A. Features of 5G? Superfast download speeds (up to 10 gbps data rate)? Bi-directional large bandwidth? Less traffic? 90% reduction in network energy usageB. Scientific Overview of Human Health RisksResearches imply that the modern Wi-Fi technology in use these days (2G, 3G and 4G) with create radio frequency exposures posing a critical threat to people, animals and the environment. Scientists’ caution that studies on human health results urgently needs to be completed first to make certain the general public and surroundings are protected before rolling out 5G. These rules will stop the ability of communities to halt and be part of the decision making procedure on this massive 5G infrastructure that is being built out.Overview? Thousands of mini cell towers to be built in front of homes? Usage of higher electromagnetic frequencies? Millimetre and sub-millimetre waves are biologically active? Mechanism of action is proven? 5G frequencies are used in weapons? Human skin will be classified as an extremity allowing higher exposuresC. RADIATION EFFECTS? Denser soup of electro smog? Effects on the skin, eyes, heart, immune system, cell growth rates? Effects on bacteria resistance? Effects on plant health? Effects on the atmosphere and depletion of fossil fuels? Disruption of the natural ecosystemD. RECOMMENDATIONS? 5G technologies should not proceed to be rolled out, before market studies on healtheffects are done? Re-assess safety standards based on long term as well as short term studies onbiological effects? Devices can be labelled with pertinent EMF information along with appropriateprecautionary warningsII. CONCLUSION? User-centricWhile 3G and 4G are operator centric and service centric, 5G is user-centric.? Endless possibilities for the future5G may bring about a new form of industrial revolution, human connectivity and even a newreality. It offers endless possibilities for the future.We do need more research. But already what is clear is that there are real dangers.

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