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According to the Constitution Act, 1867, the term Parliament refers to: “the Crown, the Senate and the House of Commons — the institutions that together create Canadian laws” (1). This term originally came from a British tradition, which is basically a blend of democracy and constitutional monarchy. A lot of people argued whether or not the parliament represents the Canadian or not. After a couple researches, I do believe that it does because the parliamentary system is open and democratic, and that’s exactly what represents Canada. After all, the members of the parliament represent the regional and local concerns of the constituents in their ridings. As reported by Susan Munroe (2), the members always make sure to find the best solutions for the constituents’ problem considering on a wide variety of federal government matters by checking these issues with the federal government departments in order to provide all the information regarding their programs and policies. They also make sure to attend the local events and take parts of the official functions in order to maintain a high profile in their ridings, which is a good thing. Not only this, but the members of the parliament can influence the legislation through debates in the House of Commons and during all-party committee meetings to examine legislation, which I believe benefits the Canadians in various aspects. This is not the only thing they influence. The members can also influence the federal government policy by participating in the House of Commons committees that reviews federal government department activities and spending, as well as legislation (2). This way, they can easily raise any policy issue by mentioning it in their meetings and work on a solution for that. However, coming to think about it, there is a disadvantage one could conclude from such a system. For example, why is this political system built on a constitutional monarchy? This means that the head of the state is determined through a familial descent even at this day and age. So that basically means that a Canadian who are born and raised in Canada, are not allowed to hold the highest office in Canada, which is strange! Yet, the same constitutional system means that the delegation of power to the next administration got “one step smoother as the monarch’s job is to ensure that”, as observed by the observer and learner of politics, Koushal Das (3).

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