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   According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word ‘Technology’ is described as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”. In layman’s terms, it means to say that technology is something in which ideas and knowledge creates things and ways which makes human day to day life easier. Since prehistoric times, technology has played an immense role in advancing human life. For example, the idea of controlling fire, the way of hunting by using rocks as tools and most importantly, the invention of the wheel has helped to advance the human race and has made it different from all the other organisms living on the earth. It led humans to discover what metals are, how to grow plants which are fit for consumption and made them settlers instead of being nomads. It has also led to rise and fall of kingdoms and empires and several battles, but the most important thing technology has led to is the Industrial Revolution. Now many people have the question, “What is Industrial Revolution”. In simple terms, Industrial Revolution refers to the collective ideas and applications which led to the shift from small-scale hand-made production and manufacturing to large-scale machine based manufacturing. It caused a boom in the production of goods, which led to creation of a large number of jobs and an overall increase in living as well as economic standards. Industrial Revolution is said to be a revolution which was powered by technology, unlike any other revolution, which has been powered by blood and soldiers. Technology has also led to Computer Revolution, which has changed human life forever by solving complex calculations which was unsolvable before. Since then, in every field, be it education, be it agriculture, be it war, all have implemented technology to their advantage. Technology has led to rapid transportation, has led to electrification which in turn has led to people working 24*7, increasing productivity. Technology has also led to invention of medicines and provided cures for many diseases which was not possible before. It has led to space travel and discovery of planets light years away from the Earth. But, even though technology has provided innumerable benefits, it has also caused many side-effects too. For starters, the biggest side effect of technological advancement is pollution, which refers to dirtying of air, water or soil due to human activities. It has changed the landform of the earth permanently and has made it filthier and dirtier, a far cry from the greener and cleaner it was at the start of life. It has also led to humans becoming too much reliant on technology, which have made them lazier than before. It is also said that technology will ultimately produce machines which will remove humans from every field of life as well as their jobs. Technology has also led to the creation of several things, which have been used to destroy human life, notably the nuclear bomb and various chemical weapons. 

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