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According to researchers, listening to music promotes the release of dopamine, also known as the “hormone of reward”. This completely biological process allows us to work faster and more efficiently. Ambient noise tools can reinforce the influence of this simply natural cause.To enjoy music during your working hours, good equipment is necessary for your comfort first and also for those around you who may not appreciate the music as much as you do.Most workers use headphones or a headset connected to their computer or phone. The bottom line is to find comfortable material for your ears. The music you need to focus and increase your efficiency, the material should not be a source of inconvenience. Opt for a material adapted to the appearance of your ears.Also make sure that your material allows you to move with your playlist. You will not be able to move, for example, if all your music is stored in your computer. A telephone is usually the most suitable for listening to music at work. Thanks to current technology, it can store a large number of songs that you can listen to the whole day. In addition, headphones improve productivity and often have the best audio systems to offer you an exceptional musical experience.For those who want to be free of any body clutter, speaker systems, soundbars, home theater or other multi-room audio systems will perfectly suit their sound needs in the workplace. In fact, they make it possible to enjoy as a group from the benefits of music on productivity.The multi-room system makes it possible to centralize the music you want to listen to in one source and broadcast it to every room in your home or workplace. It will therefore be composed of an audio server, which may be a telephone or a computer, with different sound diffusion elements.For even more freedom, the sound bars are also a very interesting alternative. They are exceptionally versatile while offering exemplary fidelity of sound. Connectable with your phone via Bluetooth or your computer or TV, their installation takes only a few minutes. Very discreet, they manage to fill the room with your music despite their reduced size.For video game music lovers and other film trailers like work music, home theaters will delight your ears. These systems are composed of many elements and have specific channels that perfectly reproduce the sounds and sound effects of the realities of the film or video game. They actually act by immersing the listener in a kind of circle that allows him to enjoy music as if in a totally different environment. The sound here is better than that of a soundboard thanks to the location of the elements.Listen to music to dispel noises or to motivate yourselfIn short, listening to music at work, either to get away from the usual noise nuisance, or to motivate oneself is very good for focusing and efficiency in tasks.According to each of our attributions, music has multiple effects on each of the areas of our brain that it stimulates. In practice, it promotes the diffusion of a neurotransmitter that acts on our potential for concentration and creativity.For some people, however, music may interfere with their work because of certain memories or emotions related to certain songs. There are also genres of music that will complicate the memorization and understanding needed in tasks for some people.The key for music at work is to choose songs that do not hinder our concentration, namely your favorite tracks, music without words at a gentle pace.Many sites and applications also offer sound creations that immerse you in totally peaceful environments to improve your concentration. And to fully enjoy and make your work experience an extraordinary experience, it is advisable to choose a good audio equipment.

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