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According to Marjie Lundstrom, author of “kids are kids until they commit crimes” states that judges decide the fate of juvenile delinquents although they are immature growing and still developing, the severity of the crime should be taken into consideration. In addition to illustrating the case of Lionel Tate, the 12-year-old male who strangled a 6-year-old after watching a wrestling match on T.V. Furthermore the evidence of the article shows that adolescents do not acknowledge the severity of their actions. As a result, if you are not considering an adult it will be irrational to charge an adolescent as an adult.Lionel Tate was a young boy who was at the age twelve when he beat Eunick to death. Eunick at the moment was on 6 years old. That day on March 9th Lionel and Eunick were both downstairs playing and watching wrestling while Tate’s mother was upstairs. Lionel then went upstairs to inform his mother that Eunick was no longer breathing. Although they were young I believe it would be more of the parent fault for the lack of supervision. Lionel was just simply playing and probably thought it was just out of fun and didn’t think of the consequences. Lionel was then charged with the life sentence without parole.Thomas Preciado was charged with second-degree murder.  Preciado, accused of killing a convenience store owner. The victim was stabbed several times until he passed away. Thomas was apparently under the influence of alcohol when everything accord. He was sentenced to 25 years as an adult with no parole. Although I think he did kind of describe been punished he should have a chance to become a better person and perhaps change his sentence. Nathaniel Brazill was sentenced a 28 year followed by 7 years of probation. On May 26, 2000, the last day of school Brazill killed his teacher with a 25- Raven handgun. Nathaniel was an honor student although he was abused at home and always having police at his house because of his family. I believe that Nathaniel did know what he was doing at the time. Brazil had many things happening in his life and his family was obviously was the main reason why he was confused. His childhood was never like any others although he did seem to still pull off good grades. Inclusion I believe that all children should have the rights to explain what was going through their minds. Also for the judge to reconsider how they should be punished. I don’t think the three children had the choice to live their life differently. Yes, they did make the wrong choice.The people around them had an effect on them and their child hoods plus on who they have become/their actions.

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