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Accountancy, Business, and Management: Its Effect on the College Readiness of the Senior High Pioneers
Graduating college students from secondary colleges won’t have a stable choice on wherein to visit the university and what degree they’ll probably take. They are making plans to enter college without a clean concept of what profession to pursue for their future (Ramirez & Dizon, 2014). Pafili and Mylonakis (2011) emphasized that in developing with the right choice of what profession to take, students can properly make use of their talents and know how to advantage proper experience who could make a contribution to the improvement and welfare of the society, however, Koni, Zainal, and Ibrahim (2012) mentioned that a few studies display that now not all college students who entered a university have the intention to obtain the degree.

On June 13, 2016, the Department of Education welcomes the primary batch of the country’s secondary school college (SHS) students (The Summit categorical, 2016) when the improved Basic Education Program was signed into law on 2013 by then president Noynoy Aquino. It’s believed that with the implementation of K-12 secondary school college program, the Philippines can improve the compatibility of the Filipino students and professionals around the world (Acar, 2017). The K-12 program have four tracks – Educational, Arts and Style, Sports, and Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (TVL) Track, within which students might opt for supported what explicit path they need to require in school. This alteration of the theme is meant to arrange young ones to soar bigger heights in education and career here and even abroad. The educational track is split into three strands: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS), and Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM) which is focused on accounting and different business-related courses.

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Furthermore, the “31 total subjects” needed for senior high school faculty, fifteen of that were “Core Subjects” and sixteen of that were “Track Subjects,” the latter lessened into seven “Contextualized” subjects and nine “Specialization” subjects (“Serious issues with the K-12 SHS faculty syllabus,” 2014) additionally produce a giant drawback. The researchers believe that at some purpose, students are also placed at an obstacle if ever they selected a course out of their specialization. Despite the distinction in their field of experience, students across strands have gotten simply identical contextualized and specialized subjects.

Now, the SHS pioneers are in their tertiary education. This study will assess the impact of the new course of study and the way it readies the senior high pioneers. Hence, this analysis is meant to assess the impact of the theme, specifically the Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM) strand, on its students or graduates through their educational performance as initial Year of the School of Accountancy, Business, and Hospitality (SABH) students of University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao (USLT), in order that no matter findings are created will also be  utilized to enhance the SHS program in action designing, policy formulation and development, and the formulation of the specialized and core subjects that may facilitate the next pioneers with their preparation for college..

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