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are vulnerable to many ?diseases, infections? Since their immune system is
still in the process of developing. Therefore, this is probable cause for uncomfortable
rashes, unpleasant bumps, and frightening experiences throughout ones’
childhood. Numerous diseases, such as impetigo, varicella, rubella, verruca,
and scabies are common amongst adolescents.

explain further, impetigo is a highly contagious bacterial skin infection
caused by Staphylococcus aureus, or Streptococcus pyogenes. This infection can
be characterized by painfully itchy sores on the face, primarily around the
mouth, hands, or feet that eventually become painful brownish colored scabs at
the site of infection. Impetigo is caused by direct human-to-human contact with
an infected individual, although the infection is more common in children then
adults.  One can become infected when bacteria
enters the body through a site of irritation or existing infection. Thus,
children with lesions, scrapes, or injuries are susceptible to this infection. Impetigo
could be treated rather quickly with the administration of antibiotics, which
will diminish the infection and eliminate the possibility of the bacterial
infection from spreading. This treatment works by targeting bacterial cells and
targeting their cell wall creating destruction and less likelihood of further

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on the other hand is a viral illness that is accompanied with mild symptoms,
such as persistent itching and noticeably large red rashes throughout the body.
Commonly, this is known as chicken pox. This can be prevented by vaccines given
during childhood, which aids in preventing chicken pox or shingles (herpes
zoster) from forming during adulthood. Patients can take a blood test to
determine whether they have been vulnerable to the varicella zoster virus, have
contracted this virus before, or have received the vaccination and developed immunity
towards the virus. Rubella, as well, is a highly contagious infection caused by
a virus. This disease can target unborn children, or adolescents creating large
red rashes and visibly swollen lymph nodes. Rubella can be spread airborne, or
by the organism’s mother (congenital rubella syndrome), making this a rather
rare disease. Often, many subjects are unaware they have been infected, which goes
to show the mildness of symptoms (sore throat, fever, rash) and the quickness
of the infection (just a few days).

and Rubella are both viral infections, which can be treated with antiviral
medications. Furthermore, these medications are prescribed by a physician and work
to restrain the development of the virus, rather than targeting and killing of
the virus (like antibiotics do to bacteria cells). Examples of an antiviral
that would hinder the development of viruses caused by varicella could include Acyclovir.
Rubella, on the other hand can be cured without treatment, although it could be
used as an assistance?

verruca, or warts, is also caused by a virus and is spread easily amongst
human’s due to direct contact. Moreover, this is a growth attached to the
epidermis (outermost layer of the skin) which can be resolved within months
usually. Cryotherapy, also called Cryosurgery, is the process in which doctors
used controlled freezing temperatures to destroy abnormal skin cells, problematic
nerves, or cancerous tumors. This would be a probable solution when
administered by a patient’s physician, to eliminating the appearance of verruca,
better known as warts. Although, side effects are predictable, which could
include blisters, burning, rashes, hives, and hypopigmentation (loss of skin

sarcoma is a cancer affecting the skin of the body. Since the cancer affects
the skin, often lymph nodes, tissues, and other glands become infected and form
painful lesions within the site of infection. This is caused by a rapid,
unexpected duplication and reproduction of cells which is commonly found in patients
with HIV or AIDS. In all, purple colors patches begin to grow underneath the
skin, which can be treated by radiation or chemotherapy (combination of
medications to treat cancer), as well as cryosurgery for small lesions, and HIV
antiviral medications such as Zidovudine or Ritonavir. A doctor should be
consulted when patients begin to see lesions, discoloration, tumors, and
swollen lymph nodes.

scabies is an exceptionally contagious skin disease caused by an infestation of
itch mites, which are known as Sarcoptes scabeli. Once the stated mite burrows
into an organism’s skin, acute itching will occur at the site of infestation,
along with a noticeably red rash. The common mode of human-to-human
transmission is direct contact in which subjects are often of unaware of
infestation as the parasite is not visible to the naked eye. Treatments
include killing the eggs and mites by topical ointments (antifungals) such as
permethrin cream or various oral medications such as ivermectin.

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