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“Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don’t
have for something they don’t need.” (Will Rogers) Since many businesses earn
revenue by advertising, people have failed to realize how dehumanizing the
advertising industry has become. While the positive impact of advertising is
boosting sales, the negative impact is affected by consumers who are targeted
by the advertisements. Advertising has negative effects on consumers, it can
misrepresent a resource, resulting in unrealistic expectations on the consumer,
and create false images.

        Advertisements, usually, aim to promote
their product in the most attractive way possible. However, it may make false
or misleading representations about products and services when supplying, offering
to promote those products or services. For instance, the Geico -an insurance
company in America-  ad says, “That’s
just a dramatization, of course,” implying that if a Geico employee was asked
for a cookie, they’ll serve one with extra chewy chocolate chips in it. The
problem appears when the ‘dramatization’ can be interpreted as a
misrepresentation of a product. A bunch of lawsuits and fines can develop from

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Advertising is unethical, it creates an unrealistic image that urges
consumers to consume more of the product. For example, advertisement of drugs
consists of visual images that show healthy, overjoyed people and usually the
voiceover announces the negative side effects of the drug. Many businesses
designed their product packaging to have a disclaimer at the size of a
minuscule print. However, it is common to hear that even death may be a
possible side-effect of an over-the-counter drug. Overpriced beauty and health
products may also fail to accomplish their job.

Advertising makes us feel that we are not enough as we are. False images
in advertising can destroy people’s self-confidence by pressuring women, in
general, to strive for the ideal perfection. Women often feel they should be
thin and pretty like models that are in advertisements. The advertisement also
indicates that men should be handsome, tall, athletic, chivalrous husbands,
attentive father. This creates serious body image problems among the
population, which can lead them to start using harmful chemicals to achieve perfection.
Even movies are invaded with advertisements through product placement when the
protagonist drinks a can of Coke instead of Pepsi. These images are often
unrealistic and almost impossible to obtain unless people starve themselves and
go beyond the limit to get a perfect body.

advertising still plays an important role in society by offering benefits to
the economy. Advertising has been assumed to be seen as a way to convince
consumers to spend their income on products or services that is not a
necessity. It also teaches children a false sense of self-confidence since
society has become a culture of consumerism. Nevertheless, it is unethical
since it provides a misrepresentation of a product, unrealistic image and false
images of products. If not observed carefully, advertising can lead to a more
negative impact on society.




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