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After discovering my passion for politics and the way that laws transpire, it became clear that I wanted to study law and pursue a career in the legal sector. To keep up to date with current events and to explore my interests further, I listened to TED talks such as “How I defend the rule of law” by Kimberly Motley. This talk addresses the importance of the rule of law, through stories about exploited young women from Afghanistan, and how fair and equal treatment under the law should be enjoyed by everyone. An article written by David Burrows entitled “Evidence of children and vulnerable witnesses” explores how the evidence that is given by these witnesses are presented in a court. I have read many articles like this one, as I am particularly interested in studying family law.During my week of work experience at Wimbledon Solicitors, I shadowed lawyers who had undertaken numerous cases with varying issues ranging from family law to immigration law. This enabled me to observe the fundamentals in which the law influences the lives of individuals in a favourable manner. I was heavily involved in reading and researching case files, participated in meetings with clients as well as actively engaging in discussion with solicitors. This has developed my understanding of the role of a solicitor and has greatly helped me in developing my multi-tasking skills and my ability to adapt to any given situation, as well as problem solving and the ability to work independently or as a cohesive team player.I am fascinated with how the British legal system operates, and since undertaking Government and Politics at A-Level, my interest has grown stronger. The other subjects that I am currently studying are English Language and Literature and Health and Social Care. I am also undertaking an Extended Project Qualification entitled “To what extent should ethnicity be a factor within adoption”, where I examine the laws pertaining to adoption and ethnicity and how they have been amended throughout the years. These subjects require analytical thinking, the ability to summarise large volumes of text, develop a cohesive argument and independent research.After attending the Wimbledon Bookfest’s ‘Question Time’, where issues regarding politics were debated at length, I have become increasingly interested in how the different interpretations of the law, such as political views, affect the everyday lives of British people. ‘British and European Political Issues’ by Neal McNaughton has made me aware of the policies that make up the country that we live in today and has helped me in utilising my expanding knowledge by applying it to my essays. Outside of my academic studies, I teach English to young children at the South London Supplementary School as a volunteer teacher, as well as volunteering as a Beaver leader with the 9th Southside J4Y Scout Group. Voluntary work has proved to be extremely rewarding for me, in terms of acquiring new skills such as time management alongside organisational skills, which have proved to be invaluable in completing tasks in an efficient manner. Working with children has taught me the importance of patience, as persistence assures that a task is carried out well. Communication is a skill that I have enhanced and developed greatly over the many years of volunteering; it has enabled me to relay information much more clearly as well as express my ideas eloquently, a skill that will be helpful when reading law at University and practicing as a lawyer in the future.In conclusion, based on my strong interest in the legal sector combined with my wide range of transferable skills, I believe I have aptitude to law at degree level.

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