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doing the research and review on various of advertisements, I decided to choose
Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo advertisement to be my report topic. Below is the
background of the product, dissection of the advertisement, customer response
and recommendation for the advertisement.

A: Background information

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was established in 1957 which owned by Unilever (Lever Brother). In 2017, the
market capitalization of Unilever had reached to $ 143.9 billion (,
2017).  According to the annual financial
review of Unilever in 2015, the turnover growth was $20.1 billion in personal
care category (, 2015, p. 19). Also, Dove achieved the Top 50
Prophet Brand Relevance Index UK (, 2017). Dove involves in
various of personal care industry such as shampoo, body lotion, deodorant and
many more.

there is high intensity of competitors in the industry as there are many kinds
of hair care brands are promoting and selling a similar product with similar
function. The biggest and threatening competitor will be Pantene. Pantene was
set up back in 1946. Pantene was founded by P&G (Procter & Gamble)
company. The market capitalization of P&G is $ 228.1 billion (,
2017). Pantene comes with a various product line that satisfies consumer needs
and the latest hair trend. They achieve the marketing objectives by doing
excellent advertising campaigns, organize an event such as roadshow or fair and
attractive promotion strategies which help them to create strong brand

are many challenges and situation that Dove Hair Rescue Shampoo will be faced
with growing sales. First, there are intense competitors in the industry.
Therefore, it must do more Marketing Communication such as strategies
promotion, good advertisement, and much more to make the popularity of the
product increase. Moreover, Dove targets on female category and product, causing
low popularity with men product. Ansoff growth strategy is constructed from the
analysis the character of the product such as new or existing product and of
the market that the company currently serving (Strong, H, 2014, p. 13). Dove
Hair Fall Rescue is an existing product and serving in the current market, so
it will fall into market penetration category. Dove may increase the promotion
to achieve higher market penetration such as promote the product with special
sale price within a limited period and enhance in advertising by advertising
through TV, magazine and many more.

Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo is the target of existing market. Dove may use
marketing segmentation to divide many people into distinct groups based on
different needs, behavior or characteristics (Strydom, 2004). In term of
demographic, Dove will segment people with gender which is female and age
within 18-50 years old with a middle-class income. For geographic strategy,
Dove will target with globally. Also, Dove will adopt psychographic by focusing
on people who suffer from hair loss problem or people who would like to prevent
hair loss problem. Next, Dove using behavioral segmentation to target those
regular and potential users who have medium usage towards this product.  Moreover, Dove using buyer readiness stage to
identify which stages are the target market located. Buyer readiness stage has
six stages which are awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction and
purchase (Panda, 2008). Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo falls in preference
stage. As the customer is aware of the brand name and acknowledges with their
product feature and benefits through advertisement. People who suffering hair
fall problem will think of dove and ready purchase condition will occur (Isidro,
2018). Also, the marketing communication objective of Dove is to grow sales and
profit by reaching the advertisement and create higher brand awareness.

B: Linear Model of Communication

linear model of communication can be known as the fundamental of a model of
mass communication. There are seven different elements are important and these
elements may lead to a successful communication (Leitner, 2007). Firstly, the
source. This advertisement was found in Dove Official Social media account
(Facebook), Watson online page also their official website, Dove Malaysia,

  Next, encoding, it can be known as converting
an idea into a communicable message by using words, pictures sound and many
more (Fripp, 2018). The main message of this advertisement trying to deliver is
reduces hair fall. The encode is showing this shampoo Is effectively solve hair
fall problem, even though the model in the advertisement is acting as she is
pulling her hair, but this action doesn’t make the hair fall. Moreover, the
slogan “Stop Counting Hair Fall”. This message is encoding that after using
this shampoo, you don’t have to count the amount of hair fall because it helps
to solve the hair-fall problem. Besides, the model in the photo has long and
thick shiny black hair with a confident smile. The encoding is telling people
that after using this product, their hair condition will be as good as the
model’s hair also boost self-confidence by having a thick and healthy hair. The
words “Scientifically proven”. The message they deliver is reliable. People
will think this product is reliable result in boost the confidence and trust
towards this shampoo. Lastly, “Visible Result in 2 Weeks”, seems like Dove is
giving a promise to the buyer which they purchase this product, you will get
the result in 2 weeks. Therefore, people who facing hair fall problem will feel
the satisfaction guarantee after purchasing the product as they can reduce the
hair fall within 2 weeks.


than that, channel. Dove will be using television advertisement by displaying a
short video that promoting this product. Also, Dove uses their social media
account by posting the promotion price, information of this product to create
the awareness and popularity. Next, Dove advertise through magazine and
newspaper to let people know the function and existing of this. The receiver
will be those people who concern about hair fall problem because they have been
attracted and convince to make the purchase or the people who view the advertisement
through those channels such as Tv advertisement.

decoding can be known as the message that interpreted by the receiver and comes
with their own understanding from the advertisement (,
2014). After conducting a survey, the first eye catchy object will be the
model. However, when people look at the model, they will not think it is
promoting hair fall rescue shampoo. Next, the unrelated product shown in the
advertisement makes confusion. Moreover, “scientifically proven”. The words are
hard to be seen and not trustable. Lastly, this advertisement image is
overloading and hard to focus at one point.

addition, noise is the words that given to something that confuses the
communication (Leitner, 2017). Firstly, the noise is the model hair. People who
look at the model’s Long smooth and thick hair, they will think it is more to a
“Nourishment and volume shampoo”, and the action that model is pulling her hair
just seems like a modelling post. Next, this advertisement is focused on
shampoo, the hair therapy tonic is not in the same category and it should not
show in the advertisement. Besides, “scientifically proven” is might lack
trustworthy because of it without any evidence or info to support. Lastly,
there are too many objects in the advertisement and makes the advertisement
looks image overlay.

C: Consumer Response Model

customer response is about having three stages which are cognitive, affective
and conative stages (Strydom. J, 2007). Dove has involved in these three
stages. Firstly, cognitive stage, as the title of the advertisement written
“Stop Counting Hair Fall” and a bottle of shampoo besides, it strongly delivers
a message to the receiver that it is a hair fall rescue shampoo advertisement.
Next, effective stage; people who face this problem will have interest in this
product because they guarantee that the result will be seen in 2 weeks. Lastly,
behavioral stage; people who view product would likely to purchase due to the
attractive slogan and its own product features.


D: Recommendation to improve the advertisement

on part B, the noises that I mentioned above. There are few suggestions to
improve the advertisement. Firstly, Dove can try to use the “Before and After”
experiment photo on the advertisement. Since audience will not get attract by
those hair model due to many hair care advertisements using the same ideas. For
example, Dove can show two pictures with one before and after photo will be
more realistic. Also, Dove might use the bigger font for the tagline and Dove
logo. When people look at the advertisement, they will know it dives product
and its focus on hair fall rescue. Next, as this is a shampoo advertisement,
Dove must focus on shampoo by only insert the shampoo photo into the
advertisement without adding in other category product to reduce confusion.
Moreover, the “scientifically proven” can change to another font type which
easies to be seen and adding some evidence as support will increase the
reliability. Lastly, one or two item images in an advertisement will be fine to
prevent image overlay.

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