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After around 7 years, a special court hearing which was held
for the long-pending case delivered the 2G scam verdict and much to anyone’s
surprise, all the accused were set free, including the former telecom minister,
A Raja, and DMK leader Kanimozhi. When the fact that the licences were given
for a penny, and were flipped over, remains, could it really be that shocking
to argue there was no scam?

The first two cases were filed by the Central Bureau of
Investigation and the third was filed by the Enforcement Directorate. The verdict
acquitting the accused just means that the prosecution couldn’t prove with
strong evidences; and the evidence which they did have, did not work out.

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The CBI had alleged that there was a loss of Rs 30,984 crore
to the exchequer in allocation of licences for the 2G spectrum. Previously,
since the rules were so complicated and it took people a lot to understand what
was going on, it became easier to fraud them. The licenses were later scrapped
by the Supreme Court in February 2012. Raja and Kanimozhi were also let off in
another case lodged by the Enforcement Directorate under the money laundering
law arising out of the 2G scam.

The failure in producing strong and solid evidence led to
releasing of the 18 accused, in spite of knowing that there was a scam which
bore a heavy loss. Although, however, the CBI hasn’t given up yet and has said
in their interviews that they will challenge them in the upper court. It may be
the case that all the 18 people are now free, but that is for now, as the CBI
is just going to try harder and challenge them again in the top court. And the
only thing we can do is wait and watch, as we had been since past 7 years.

With these issues came down the understanding of the need of
the hour which is to establish a standard process and that is when we started
having auctions. Also, the companies who were benefited further were unable to
run their businesses successfully. So, because of this entire scam-no scam
controversy, India did move to a strong step towards auctioning, not just for
telecom but also for coal, etc- and earned a whopping sum of Rs 356,000 crore
in six telecom auctions since 2010.

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