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After reading the assigned
readings, I was able to grasp a better understanding between a bachelorette
nurse and, an associate degree nurse. According to The Impact of Education on Nursing Practice, there was a study
conducted by the Journal of Nursing Administration
in February 2013. This study showed that hospitals with a higher number of
nurses with a bachelorette degree, or higher level of education have better
patient outcomes. Hospitals with more bachelorette nurses showed a decrease in
congestive heart failure mortality, fewer decubitus ulcers, less postoperative
deep vein thrombosis, and a decreased in many other complications. There are
many more studies found in The Impact of
Education on Nursing Practice that support the benefits of having bachelorette
nurses compared to associate degree nurses.

The American Nurses Association
(ANA) has been advocating that the baccalaureate degree should be the minimum
degree of entry into the registered nurse practice. When obtaining a Bachelor
of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree nurses develop better critical thinking
skills such as the ability to evaluate alternative solutions to different problems,
communicate effectively with staff and patients, and recognize potential
problems. Nurses also gain more leadership skills, and are more skilled in
practicing in different environments.

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            Many changes are coming to the nursing
world, one of them being the goal the Institute
of Medicine is trying to accomplish. 
The Institute of Medicine is
pushing for at least 80% of registered nurses to have a baccalaureate degree by
2020. I genuinely believe all nurses should have a baccalaureate degree. Having
a higher education level will be a tremendous positive impact on nursing, and
the care provided to our patients. Information retrieved from The Impact of Education on Nursing Practice.

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