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After all the hard work he had done, Washington wanted to go home and spend time at his farms and estates with his family. He was soon called back to help unify the states. In 1786, the Congress approved a convention in Philadelphia to amend the Articles of Confederation (“George Washington” Over time, Washington showed his impressive skills in leadership and military and was soon unanimously chosen as president. George Washington was our first president, and was elected in 1789. He had chosen Alexander and his Secretary of Treasury, and Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State. Our new leader was ready to serve for the people, so much so that he turned down a salary of $25,000 that was offered by Congress. Washington refused because he was already wealthy and wanted to protect his image as a selfless, public servant. Congress eventually persuaded him to take the money to show everyone that you didn’t have to be wealthy to be president (“George Washington”).During his presidency, Washington accomplished many things. Some of these things include reducing the nation’s debt and helping finances back to normal, establishing peace treaties with native tribes, and signing a bill authorizing congress to place a tax on distilled spirits in 1971-1977 (“George Washington”). Even though he did many things as president, the response from the people was not always the best. From the tax on the distilled spirits, the Whiskey Rebellion started. He personally took command of marching troops into areas of rebellion while demonstrating that the federal government will use force when it is necessary (“George Washington”). After all this he was still reelected as president for a second term.George Washington, one of the fathers of our country, has done many things in his life. He not only did things for his time, but he did it so our country could succeed in the long run. He became an important general who greatly impacted the war. He helped establish a stronger nation and became the first and successful president by unanimous votes for two terms. By him doing all this, our nation is proud to have him in our history.

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