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Age of Exploration started in early 15th century and ended in early 17th century, When the Europeans wanted to find a new way for new and better trading routes, so they traveled around the world. People like to argue if it was a good or bad thing that happen to the the world. The Age of Exploration was a good period because, it introduced new technology and exchange of different cultures, resources to the old world and the new.Before the Age of Exploration, crops such as potatoes, cocoa and tobacco had never been seen in the New World, nor had livestock such as turkey. “Europeans showed them animals like horses, pigs, cows, goats, and chickens.” Rice from Asia soon began to grow in America. The natives now found out a new meaning of transportation, labor, and food sources because of the Europeans. When they found out they could use these animals as transportation it changed the New World big time.Also the Columbian Exchange helped the Americans have new ideas and helped with technology which led them to a better life. “They brought better weapons so the natives could hunt and find food.” At the time the Native Americans didn’t have an alphabet, but thankfully the Europeans explorers brought a written alphabet when they traveled. African slaves brought with them a unique African culture to the Americas. “In time, religion and the arts became significantly influenced by African culture.” And they brought new ideas for a better farm and they brought new farming equipment.So as you can see the Age Of Exploration was a blessing. Though there were negatives that came with it, like slavery and the major numbers of death, it was a blessing to the world and in the long run it helped the world to be what it’s like today. It made us realize what kind of different types of food out there like crops, such as potatoes and showed us different animals that we could use for transportation. Also it helped with new technology/equipment for farming and new weapons to help hunt. And last but no by means least it changed the culture.

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