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Aging population mean is an
increasing of median age. In the human history, aged population is currently at
its highest level due to rising life expectancy and low fertility rates. The
research show that the population of Scotland will rise to 5.7 million by 2039.
The aging rate will significantly go high with the number of people who are
aged 65 and above and increase by 53% between 2014 to 2039 ( In June 2016 the
Scottish government says that the aging population in Scotland was 5,404,700
with 17%of population estimated to be under 16. The 65% of people age 16-64 and
18% aged 65 and over ( The
research shows that the increasing in aging population affecting on health care
a lot. People get diseases like stroke, heart disease, mobility, and cancer
that impact on aging population (www.pharmacytimes).

Mobility impairment is one of
the main condition which is very common aging population. Around the one third
to one half of older adults age 65 and over reports difficulties in going up
and down to stairs, walking and their doing personal. Elderly people suffer
from many diseases like arthritis, heart disease, hip fractures, mobility in
old age and stroke effects and worsen their mobility (

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Over the past century, there
are big changes have been observed in elderly people’s health throughout the
world. These changes in health impact the society. In Scotland number of older
adults with mobility issues are rising rapidly. In the past hundred years
Scottish people’s life expectancy was doubled 40 years in 1900 to 74 in men and
80 women in 2004. In 2009 its increased 76.0 years in men and 80.6 in women
which is very low from other countries. Poor poverty, low quality food, eating
more junk food than fresh fruits and vegetables are the main reasons of
increasing immobility in elderly people from last century (

The sociological theory that
explain the mobility issues in elderly people is functionalism theory by Emile
Durkheim. Structural functionalism theory is framework that sees the society as
a complex system which are working together to promote the stability and
solidarity of every individual human being. The functionalism theory gives a
shape to everyone’s life (
Research shows that in the 19th century people were living in more
poverty. They have less access to good quality food, safe and clean housing and
medical help which lead people to more dangers illnesses like heart problem,
cancer and mobility condition, where now older people have more advance medical
access and more food, good housing to live. Functionalists states that there
are basic needs for everyone human to meet for healthy living. Functionalists
encourage people to improve and take part to promote their independence and to
meet their needs. Functionalists believe
that society is comes together by social agreement, in which members of the
society agree upon, and work together to achieve. (

theory that explain the mobility issues in elderly people and to meet their
needs is Maslow’s hierarchy theory by Abraham Maslow in 1943. Maslow’s
hierarchy of needs theory is a description of the different needs that
motivates human behaviors (  Maslow’s
hierarchy says that everyone must meet their basic needs first to live a normal
healthy life. Maslow’s believes that each stage of Maslow must be met before
going into next stage of needs. The basic needs are physiological, safety, love
and belonging, esteem and self-actualization. The older adults with mobility
condition can meet the physiological need of Maslow. They have decent quality
food, air for breathing, and the warm housing. But when older adults get to
next stage the get stuck in there. They can’t meet their safety needs because
they feel unsecured and are unable to go alone on public places, they face a
lot of barriers and don’t feel protected. Jobs, insurance policies and
financial security are also the safety need. If people don’t feel safe in the
environment than they can’t move to the higher level of needs before they meet
these needs and feel safe.    (www.simplepsychological).

theory that helps us to understand older people’s behavior with mobility is
behaviorism theory, founded by John B. Watson. Behaviorism is a learning theory
which helps to understand and observed individuals. He believes that that the
behavior of individual is determine by the environment and surroundings ( Behaviorism tell how older people with mobility
condition’s behavior changes when they didn’t get what they want. For example,


hospital because of too much work nurses sometime forgot things, like if
patients ask for cup of tea and they didn’t get, patients get angry and this
impact on their behaviors until they get what they want. In the last century
most people were living in poverty, they don’t have access to healthy food,
better housing and medical help. Their behavior was different at that time from
know (

relationship between patient and nurse known as helping relation, it’s based-on
respect and mutual trust and understanding with the patient. Assisting patient’s
physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs through your skills, qualities
and knowledge. Good and effective verbal and nonverbal communication is a most
important part between a patient and a nurse, also providing care to your
patient with courteous manner and treating them equally to meet the goals.
Maintaining personal and professional boundaries and keeping privacy of your
patient. Talking slowly and clearly so the patients can understand you better
and not rushing while talking to them. Good eye contact and body language while
talking to patient shows that you are listening to them and shows you are
involved with the conversation (

will assist one of the patient in shower at my placement for the development
stage of the graded unit.

of my activity is to improve the mobility of my patient. Helping them to get up
from the bed to chair and encourage them to go to bath room rather than using
bed pan and bed bath. Walking helps patients to improve the body balance and
their muscles get stronger.

resources I need for the activity are patient’s walking aid, so they can walk
more safely and independently, glasses and hearing aid. Patients clothes,
towels, body soap, shampoo, bath room slippers, tooth brush and tooth paste.
Body cream and hair brush to use after shower. I must ask patient if they need
or want anything else. Gloves and apron for myself.

associated with activities: I make sure that the temperature of water is in
balance and not to warm so the patients burn their body. Ask patients to check


 water how warm they want. I will make sure
that the bathroom is dry before we go in so there would be no chance of slipping,
tripping and scalding

my responsibility to make sure that the patient doesn’t mind me assisting them
in the shower. On the day before the activity I will ready patients bed board
what matters to me and their notes to make sure patient ok to go to bath room
and take shower. I should make sure that environment way from bed to bathroom
is clear and safe for patients to walk, other patients walking aids and table
are out of the road and there are no risks of falling before I get patients up
from bed. I will ask the patient, how they want me to do help them in personal
care. While assisting them in the shower I must respect patient’s privacy &
dignity and give them respect the confidentiality of the patient and don’t talk
anything about them with other staff members other than that if its related to
person’s health. I will let patient to do as much as they can to improve and
meet the aims of the activity and patient’s health.

planning stage is due on the 1st of February 2018 by 4:pm through
turnitin and hardcopy must be handed in to the lecturer on the same day.

activity I am going to do with the patient who have mobility condition is
assisting them in the shower, which is one of the activity by Roper, Logan, and
Tierney’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) models (Roper Logan and Tierney 1986).
I should be not judgmental when I am doing the activity with the patient and
respect the confidentiality and privacy of the patient (Data protection 1998). I
must ask the patient their preferences before washing & dressing and check
their skin assessment. They must have the right walking aid when mobilizing
from one place to other. Their medication, any record of fall and RR, BP, SpO2
history helps me to understand how good they can walk. (

will do my activity on the 12th of February, if I didn’t carry this
activity on this week than I will do it for next week on agreed date with my
lecturer and mentor. 

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