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“Ahhhhhhhh?” During the quiet afternoon
class, somebody yawned loudly in the classroom. One student looked so dizzy and
couldn’t help but keep nodding, the other open his eyes and focused on the
lesson with difficulty, and another already slept on his stomach. After an exhausting
day of having so many classes, you feel like you are as tired as a dog.
However, you still have plenty of assignments to do. Or in the early morning,
you got up and want to start a brand new day with enjoyable breakfast. At those
moments, would you want to have a cup of coffee or tea?

     Coffee has
a long-lasting history and spreads around the world. The main reason for becoming
so popular is its several positive effects on health such as preventing diseases
and increasing energy. There is a research about ‘higher coffee really helps to
lower the chance to get Parkinson disease’ (Ross et al. 2674). It proves that the
benefits of what coffee brings. Besides, it also increases one’s energy due to
caffeine contained in this beverage. However, sometimes consuming too much
caffeine in coffee may arouse the feeling of anxiety or disrupt sleep patterns.
As for culture aspect, people are fascinated with its special flavor and developed
cultures differ from country to country. “The average American’s simplest and commonest form of
breakfast consists of coffee and beefsteak.” (Twain 220) Gradually, it
affects people’s daily life and represents certain places’ lifestyle. Different
countries combine various elements with their own cultures into coffee or have
the connection between native residents and coffee. Sometimes coffee culture
would be considered ‘fast-paced’ (Ueda) and frantic through
changing world. 

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     Tea has a more ancient history than coffee
and is one of the influential beverages in the world. It has a large number of benefits
that related to reducing the risk of getting specific diseases, which similar
to coffee. One of its essential effects is the possibility of living a longer
life. Especially ‘Polyphenols is the main health-promoting effect that for green
tea’s role in longevity’ (Mitscher 10). In addition, there are some researchers
found out that caffeine which contained in tee has the anorexic effect.
Consuming a moderate amount of tea sometimes is helpful for having slender body
shape or for somebody who is on a diet. Despite having those advantages, the
negative influence of caffeine intake also exist. Drinking excessive of tea may
lead to digestive issues, especially when people on an empty stomach. Unlike
coffee culture, tea culture is a ‘slow-paced’ (Navok 81) serving procedure. The
process of drawing tea can be as valuable as an art and mostly made by manpower
instead of the machine. In particular, some countries have tea time to enjoy
the relaxing moment with this distinctive beverage.

     All in all, coffee and tea play an
important role in the world without a doubt. Before drinking whether coffee or tea, everyone should consider itself
health conditions and drinking habits. Having the knowledge that the risk of
feeling anxious, sleeping problems and digestive issues rather than only focusing
on their merits. Moreover, coffee and tea truly influence not only people’s
daily lives, but they also become a trend in different places, blending cultures
together and make people have their own lifestyle. 

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