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All eyes were on me, waiting expectantly. My heart starts to beat faster and I begin to panic. All the information that I had remembered the day before is forgotten. I start to read off the slides of my presentation and try to say whatever I can remember, trying not to sound too nervous or having my voice crack. When I finish, I hurry to my seat and feel relieved that it was over. Every time there is a presentation, I feel nervous and dread the next time I have to do another presentation. Ever since I have started high school, my greatest challenge had always been public speaking. During my elementary and middle school years, there wasn’t much class presentations or speeches. I did not have that much practice or experience in public speaking so by the time I got to high school, I was not prepared. It also did not help that I was an introverted person who did not really like to talk. I am the type of person who would rather be watching television than performing on a stage. It was not until a couple years later that I finally learned how to deal with public speaking. I knew that I could never completely get over this challenge, so I tried to find some techniques that would make me less nervous. My first step was to practice in front of a small group of people to get used to having a few eyes looking at me while I talked. Before, I had just practiced by myself and tried to memorize everything by using an index card. This technique helped stopped my heart from beating as fast. I also tried to raise my hand in class more and participate in class discussions to be more comfortable when having the class’ attention directed towards me for a couple seconds. By trying to overcome this challenge slowly, I had slowly become a more outgoing person and improved my grades when it comes to class presentations.

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