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All humans have various level
of intelligence across a range of intellectual areas (Gardner 1993). An
individual’s particular strengths in intelligences have a direct bearing upon
the way in which their learning takes place. For example, someone with
interpersonal strengths would be most likely to learn effectively in a social
situation where relating ideas and knowledge to others can be encouraged.
According to (Gardner 1993) there are different sets of intelligences which
humans display more or less to our particular intellectual make up such as
lingustic, logical, musical,visual, kinaesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal,
naturalistic and existential.  Usually in
schools and universities for implementation of multiple intelligences, professors
consider the range of activities related to the content of the subject. Johnson
and Kuntz (1997) carried out a study of the ways in which professors who had
attended a variety of different styles of training in the use of the multiple
intelligences approach responded to the ideas to which they had been
introduced, once they returned to their schools. Overall they found professors
believed in the positive flow in the implementation of the theory in their
classrooms which potentially made significant impact upon teaching and
learning. The Internet is a source of multiple intelligence tests and
investigation.  They provide a platform
to take on short, long, qualitative and quatitative style test  which 
leads to the production of an individual mutiple intellegence profile.
Naturally the reliability of these sites must be considered, since some clearly
take into account a great deal more than others when seeking out the
individual’s profile. A Google search using the phrase ‘Test your Multiple
Intelligences’ returns eight hits, each of which has either a test, an
inventory of its own or a link to one on another site. Various authors suggest
that  caution is advised when using these

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