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All of us notice that internet can help us to increase multitasking and we think this skill is really good but recently the study conducted which consists of two group of light and heavy multitaskers and tries to test six standard basic of cognitive function. They test the group regarding of how well they can though how deeply they can think and the result shows that the heavy multitaskers did a really bad job in all kind of test and the interesting thing is that one of the tests is multi-tasking and the heavy multitaskers did a bad job in that test too. The fact that when we are doing multitasks we are shifting our attention a lot and we burn all of our mental energy. As a result, these frequent shiftings make us become less efficient. Moreover, the study claimed that if we keep doing multiple tasks we could lose our ability to recognize vital information from non-important information. When we do not memorize and we just google it the problem is that the human brain is different from external data such as Web. When we remember something in our mind we try to find the connection between our emotional or experiences which we acquired before with the information and the whole process happened inside our memory which gives richness in distinctiveness to our thing. When we rely on external sources so it can lead to loose deeper thinking.

Finally, In my point of view  Google will not make us stupide ,the way that we use this tool is wrong. I think with the correct way to use Internet we can become smarter. This era is technology era. We cannot  deny the effect of the internet on our daily life. Future is unpredictable and things are changing. History proved that the capability of the human brain is unlimited and with invent of new technology we adapt ourselves and very fast. I think there is a way to overcome concertation problem and the answer is self-controlling and The key is to balance intellectual activity. We cannot avoid technology we should try to educate our brain by both traditional and modern way to keep the balance. Technology may re-enable and recapture human abilities. In near future, we can face robots which are really good in any field but we should remember that human brain and emotional make us different. There is no emotional advance in robot or other high tech tools. As a result of self-controlling, we can use Google and become smarter.  By using the internet we can access to better information and they can have a better decision with the information they gain from the net and they can allocate just a few hours to develop their deep thinking by reading books and living without internet in their daily schedule.  We can keep practice to minimize the time that we spend in the digital environment and try to involve more in the task which requires mental immersion in this way by balancing we can enhance our attention span.

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