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Although India excels in financial investments and technological prowess compared with its contemporaries, scholars hypothesize that India is a long way from becoming an advanced nation like America. The patent and ever-increasing rift between India and more developed countries can be Partly because of mismanaged bureaucracy which arises from inaccurate information rendered by improper analytical models used on data collected. An effective business needs to continually adjust risk and reward, making precise judgements about the condition of the field on which to base decision of the future. To do as such, business requires exact predictive models in light of information created from the previous years,the need to develop such highly-precise decision making models becomes imperative. With a substantial pool of individuals with Mathematics and programming foundation, India could turn into the biggest center point for skills in big data and analytics. Therefore, to fulfil my goal, I aspire to pursue Master’s in Business Analytics at your esteemed university.From an early age, I was introduced to the importance of education and skill development. My family has always encouraged me to acquire education well beyond the normal scope so that I can achieve my dreams. Along the way, I learned important values like ethics and looking at the big picture, particularly when it comes to education. Coming from a family of scholarly individuals, I received first-hand experience of how knowledge is the key to unlocking one’s potential. A Master’s degree with a specialization in Business Analytics at your esteemed university will be a perfect platform for realizing my immediate goal of working as a business analyst while acquiring the skillset and experience required for accomplishing my dream.A specialization in Business Analytics from the Naveen Jindal School of Management seems to be a tailored fit to my academic ambitions, as it is the perfect blend of the two most important subjects for my career: Big Data and Analytics. I believe analytics empowers experts to transform voluminous data  and quantitative analysis into meaningful context that can drive effective decision. Subsequently with Analytics, associations would now be able to construct their choices and techniques in light of information as opposed to on premonitions. An effective symbiosis of technology with Analytics is important to realize strategic opportunities that determine success in the present Economy. The Curriculum of the Program offers courses which are ideal for a Data driven and Analytics based career.The multi-faceted curriculum especially intrigues me as it allows its students the adaptability and flexibility to select elective courses in an expansive scope of areas such as Marketing Analytics, Data Science, Decisions and Operations Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, I.T. Analytics, Financial Analytics which are the core of a cutting-edge economy. Courses in Database Management Systems,Data warehousing and mining helped me understand the handling and assembling of databases. I found myself entranced by the abundance of information, one thing prompted another and I soon got myself Certified in Data science and Big data Analytics  by EMC2 Academic Alliance.  

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