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Although there were several suggested ways of doing this, the most common one among them was that peer-groups needed to be counseled by teachers, parents at (40%) and some of their peers and counselling by parents only at (46.7).
Other suggested measures which were brought up by participants during the interviews were; school associations meant for counselling to talk with students on dangers of negative peer-group influence, bringing role-models to schools to motivate students into working hard, limiting the freedom of students by their parents and material resources. M0E (1996) indicates that “education system requires the active participation of parents. Lecturer are also parents hence a dialogue between them and pupils is needed to minimize negative effects.” This is also in line with Dially (1992) who said that “educators believe that students of highly involved parents, are achieving up to their ability and create more opportunity for them.” The scholar finds the suggestion very reasonable and considers that applying them would greatly assist in minimizing the negative effects of peer-groups.
On ways of minimizing peer pressure, majority of participants indicated that guidance and counseling helps minimize peer pressure among students at the University of Zambia. Counselors need to try to have positive relationships with students in offering them guidance and counseling programs. These programs can serve as good models for minimizing peer pressure among students. This can be a setting through which students can feel valued and where they can develop positive views about themselves.
Peer pressure can also be minimized by encouragements from fellow students at school from different backgrounds to work together as one people hence building harmony in the school through team building and encouraging individual performance. It is also important that students be given the necessary skills to evaluate the situation and make the appropriate decision where necessary. It is best to try to deal with peer pressure before it even happens. According to the findings, parents are seen to be the key stakeholders in dealing with peer pressure. They need to talk to their children about potential situations, and think through strategies together on how to deal with those situations if they arise and this will help minimize peer pressure.
However, as the school management, they can as well deal with peer pressure by providing students with the skills necessary to fight negative peer group behaviors, as well as to make good and not independent decisions. Students will certainly be challenged with situations where they will have to make a decision whether or not to engage in certain behaviors, whether to give in to peer pressure, and also to make other tough decisions.
During the answering of the questionnaire and the interviews, it was found that the main key stakeholders to minimize peer pressure is through counselling of parents because they are the ones that know how their child is and most of students tend to listen better to their parents than any other person.

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