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An electronic
search was conducted in October 2017 with the aid of Preferred reporting items
for systematic reviews and meta-analyses (PRISMA) guidelines (2009) to help
ensure the literature selected was appropriate and robust for my chosen topic
(Moher et al, 2009). The databases searched included: CINAHL, MEDLINE/PubMed,
PsychInfo and the Cochrane library due to their relevance in publishing
healthcare related literature. In addition to this, national guidelines,
policies and existing protocols applicable to geriatric medicine and
deglutition disorders have also been selected for inclusion.

The key terms used
to perform an advanced search on these data bases through the UEA library
included: Medic*, administrat*, modif*, swallow* difficulties, deglutition
disorders, oral*, dos* forms, geriatric*, dysphagia and drug. An asterisk was
used to ensure all derivatives of the same word was searched for e.g. Medic* =
medicine, medication and medicating. Additionally, to narrow the search,
connective words such as ‘AND/OR’ were used in the search e.g. ‘Medic*
adminsitrat* AND dos* forms’ to retrieve results containing either or both
terminology (Bettany-Saltikov, 2016). Through multiple searches binding
different terms together, a total of 1263 results were gathered.

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Further advancing
the search, duplicates were removed and peer reviewed papers only were included
in the inclusion criteria to ensure validity within the review (ELSEVIER, 2017).
Language restrictions applied of papers being wrote in English due to their
accessibility to read and understand, and a time restriction was placed from
2007-2017 to ensure the most recent research was included – giving a reduced
total of 492 results. Exclusion criteria continued by eliminating irrelevant
topics: sepsis, arthritis, palliative, end of life care, learning disability,
children and cancer. These terms were unrelated to the search strategy theme
and narrowed the results to 116. Inclusion of UK and Ireland was incorporated to
ensure the practice and findings published were of relevance to the practicing
of nurses in the UK, leaving a result of 24 papers. 

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