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Analysis Paper
I had the privilege to interview 3 different teachers from 3 different schools which were educating different grade levels and classroom environment. The questions that were asked in the interviews ranged from different opinions as to what is necessary for a meaningful and worthwhile teaching and learning experience. The questions that I asked were, “What grades or subject do you teach now? In the past? How long have you been teaching? Did your teacher preparation program prepare you adequately? Why or why not? What do you like most about teaching? Least? How do you feel about working with students who have special needs? Have you ever faced a difficult problem in dealing with parents? What advice would you give to a new teacher? Do you plan to continue in the same grade/subject?”. Out of the seven questions that I asked, all three interviewees were similar in response with three of the questions. When asked, “What grades or subject did you all teach now? In the past?”, Mrs. Dawson stated that she teaches 7th grade mathematics, Mrs. Broadnax is teaching 7th grade reading, and Mrs. Dews teaches 6th grade mathematics. All three of these teachers taught at middle schools and also there subject corresponded with each other. What I learned from all three teachers while asking this question was that you have to know reading to understand math. I think that is true because reading comes with everything just like math do. Next question that all three interviewees responded similar too was “How do you feel about working with students who have special needs?”. What I learned from them was that working with children with special needs will teach you a lot of important lessons in life. All three said it was challenge but rewarding. Some information from Mrs. Broadnax was that it’s not always easy to understand kids that have disabilities and also is hard to understand what they want and need so you have to work with them. Other information Mrs. Dawson informed me about was helping young people experiencing profound learning difficulties to gain more control over their lives is very rewarding. Lastly, I asked the three teachers “Have you ever faced a difficult problem in dealing with parents?”. They all responded that they have had to face a problem with a parent but only one time. The problem that they all had with the parent was that the miscommunication was messed up. The children were letting their parents know different stories rather then what actually happen. It was a conflict until the parents actually got in contact with the teachers and got a real story. Miscommunication can cause a bad look on a teacher said Mrs. Dews. No one wants this look on them coming from a teacher that has been teaching for 10 years +. As for advice for a new teacher their responses were different. Mrs. Dawson advice was to keep your students busy and engaged. I asked her what she meant by that and she explained how her students never payed attention in class and was always sleep while she taught the class. She went home and thought of ideas and plans and finally came up with something. That something got her class engaged and now ready to come to class to learn. I will take that advice far with me through my teaching career because I don’t want to be looked at as a “boring” teacher. Mrs. Broadnax advice was to make sure you plan ahead and be organized. She explained to me that being last minute was one thing that pushed her back as a teacher. You always want to make sure you have everything planned for the next day so that you won’t prepare for things so late. Being organize is a great key too because once you misplace things it may cause you to take the whole class period to find something. So always have your things together. Mrs. Dews stated after ten years of teaching one advice she would give is to never give up. That is something big to her because all the years she has been teaching about 10 to 20 teachers have quit their jobs because the students have given them a hard time. This is another advice I will take with me through my teaching career because I am trying to change a student’s future, so I would try to help hold the class in place. As for test scores Mrs. Broadnax and Mrs. Dews answer were similar but different in some way. They both stated that they feel as if teachers focus more on the test rather than actually teaching the students. I think this is true because when I was in middle school I always remember at a point of time we would learn about one thing and move on to the next subject so that we can talk about the test. They only cared about the test and what was on the test. Mrs. Broadnax also stated that the teachers’ salaries would go up if their students passed their test. This made their statements different because Mrs. Broadnax thinks as if they are doing it for higher pay rather than actually wanting to see the students pass and be happy about it. She never seen teachers really happy about their test scores even when they were good, so that’s what made her think that way. Throughout the three interviews I learned so much stuff from each interviewee point of view. All three teachers pushed me into wanting to be a teacher even more. Everybody went in detail with the questions and I also took extra notes with me to keep in the long run. One thing I actually enjoyed was being able to see each teacher teach a little part of their class. They also wished me the best on my teaching career, so I know I got this!

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