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and the linemen is in the bucket and it pushed into the power line, that would not be a good day for anybody. A lot of energy sources that include electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal, or many other equiptment other in equipment  and machines can be hazardous to workers. During the servicing of the equipment there always can be problems, the unexpected startup or release of stored energy can end up in various injury or death to workers.The workers servicing the equipment and maintaining machines may be severely injured or killed if hazardous energy is not controlled properly. Injuries resulting from the failure to control hazardous electricity during maintenance activities can be serious or fatal! Injuries might consist of electrocution, burns, crushing, cutting, lacerating, amputating, or fracturing body parts, and others. Not being aware and taking control of hazardous energy accounts for nearly 10 percent of the serious accidents in many industries. Proper lockout/tagout (LOTO) practices and procedures safeguard workers from hazardous electricity releases.All employees who are allowed to the lockout machines or equipment and perform the service and maintenance operations need to be certified in recognition of applicable hazardous electricity sources in the workplace, the type and velocity of energy found in or on the job. The many methods of isolating and/or controlling the electricity. Anyone who had ever climbed a power pole or opened a switch has experience an knows safety.  All linemen wear rubber gloves to protect from burns and electricity, hard hats and steel-toed boots. Apprentices learn the correct way to do the work. These safety values and skills are absorbed as hundreds of long hours are utilized when working alongside journeymen, linemen in storms, on night calls, and in overdoing maintenance and late night assignments. When linemen

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