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Animal cruelty is a vast problem across the world today. It is starting to become brought upon many people’s eyes. The numbers of animals being killed everywhere has raised greatly these past years and has immensely erupted the food chain, and this is all due to animal cruelty. Elephants are one of the main attractions to animal poachers. Animals fur and ivory is the most wanted thing. It can be used to make billiard balls, piano keys, and much more. Every year there is 100,000,000 animals that are killed from animal abuse. In 2012, 668 rhinos were poached and ever since then the numbers have kept rising. Rhinos used to be considered one of the most populated animals but now they are endangered. Vietnam, China, and Thailand are a few of the countries that are most known for animal poaching. Jane Goodall once said, “Elephants have long-term supportive bonds between family members, so it’s not just a species facing extinction, it’s massive personal destruction.” This tells us that we should not take away the lives of living things, they have lives just like we do and we should not take that away from them. When we kill animals we are not just hurting them but we are hurting their families too. The price of rhino horns is $8,000 more dollars than the price of gold and the elephants ivory sells for $1,000 dollars a pound! Rhinos are not the only animals being poached. Zebras, tigers, turtles, and tigers are also hunted. At the rate that poaching is going most wildlife animals will be extinct very soon. Hunting birds became so bad that in 1900s the Migratory Bird Treaty was act and following that in 1973 the Endangered Species Act was passed. It is estimated that 26 million animals are being used for testing purposes every year. Using animals for testing started in 500 BC. Many people have said that testing on animals is the only option and that there is no other alternative methods while others are saying that there is other methods and that what they are doing is very cruel and inhumane. In 1996 the United States passed the Animal Welfare Act. It was recorded that 1,134,693 were harmed.

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