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Another strength of Balloon Business
Model canvas is that it provides us with a great focus. As factors mention
above, the model is aimed to guide the thought process through each component
for developing a business model. It gets you thinking about your business in a
systematic and formal way that each area is effectively covered to produce a
more inclusive business. Balloon focus on quality rather than quantity. It is
not an exercise creating pages and pages. Instead, it is about acknowledging
key factors.  Balloon construct is
simple, focussed and quick to get started, develop and iterate.  

The heart of Balloon is the
value proposition! It is a central pillar of any successful business model. It is
the great strength of a successful business model canvas. It controls the
fundamental behaviour and activities of the business, providing the guidelines
for all aspects.

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Cost structure

Key activities

Key resources

Revenue streams

Customer Relationships


Value Propositions

Customer Segments

Balloon business model canvas enables you to generates
business idea from scratch by providing you with an opportunity to explore what
is that fascinate you.  Whether you’re in
start up mode or gaining grip on your idea, you need transparency on your business
model so you can design for success. The idea of Balloon is to provide a
simple, instinctive and flexible tool that can be put into use to develop and
grow a successful business strategy.  Good
ideas need good strategy to realise their potential. As a start-up, it can be
little bit tricky therefore, the Balloon provide you with a picture and post
idea with different colour and multiple scenarios. It be very useful if you are
at a start up stage. Furthermore, It provide you with you an opportunity to
understand who are we going to target and what is their problem we are going to
solve? Once this has been determined, and size of the market has been
understood and what are they willing to pay for is the next step.  Furthermore, Balloon provide an opportunity to
evaluate following important factors in any business:

First off; It is important to understand enhance a clear
understanding of a Balloon business
model in order to learn its strengths. 
Balloon business model provides us with a strong foundation by
motivating the users of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures
social and economic values. The business canvas (Balloon) is design in a way to
break down your business idea in many different steps which provide you with a
great logical basis for a course of action. For example, if someone is looking
at your business canvas, It make it logical for a third person to conduct and
follow your thinking and follow your thought process and It leads to believe that
it is a great strength of Balloon. As an entrepreneur, It is very important to
follow your thoughts in order to make analysis, strategy and decide the best
approach. It provides us with a clear optical chart with essentials
fundamentals defining innovative values proposition, infracture, customers and

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