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Anxiety is a power thing that many people suffer from; it also can take a toll in one’s life. It is a state of worry and concern that can take a toll in ones life? A source of anxiety can be triggered by everyday factors such as worrying about paying bills, studying and writing an exam. Everyone has their own way of being triggered for example having a nightmare, flashbacks or avoiding social situations. (Theories of anxiety notes slide #6) One approach to anxiety would be cognitive behaviour therapy; I chose this one because it is a widespread treatment that can help many. It is supported by sources that are progressive exposure, which uses insights from behaviourism and cognitivism to overcome the outline of the disorder (theories of anxiety notes slide #40). The process of how people think is the key to treatment. It is what us humans do that affects how we think and feel that causes behaviours. (Theories of anxiety note slices #42). The least inclined to try are psychoanalysis, confronting the reason behind the anxiety. The treatment is discovering what is being held in with dream interpretation; it results from having an inability of the ego to perfectly deal with desires leading up from the id. (Theories of anxiety notes slide #23).

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