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Aroog Ehsan
Block: 5 B
Sugarland Run Stream, located in Sterling, VA and behind Dominion High School was used for water quality testing. Stream water was dirty and there was a lot of different organisms there. The date we collect data was October 18,2017 the purpose of study was to find out the different results of different tests like Ph level of water, turbidity, temperature, DO and etc.Brook trout scientific name is Salvelinus fontinalis and they are related to salmon family. They have great sense of taste, hearing, and smell. They also have inner ears and literal line. They lived in clean, cold water. They need rocky bottoms to live and ph. level between 6.8-8.0.Their are 3 different types of brook which are brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout. Brook trout is a indicated species.Brook trout are important to Virginia because they are the only native trout that can be found here. Rainbow trout and Brown trout can also be found here but they brought in from Europe and mid-west.
Water quality refers to the chemical, physical characteristics of water. It is a measure of water condition whether a species can survive in there or not, human can drink this water or not. The water quality test has done was Streamside vegetation, Dissolved oxygen, Water temperature, Turbidity, pH, Nitrates, Phosphates, Salinity, Flow rate and Depth of water.

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