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As the management team of Big Baller Brand, we
observed our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in all regions as
our sales and opponents fluctuated.  The competition increased throughout
each year within each regions and segments and we felt as though we were
alternating on the scoreboard with more than just two other firms.  The
main focus during this simulation was to provide the best products for all
customers, have a reasonable amount of models available and remain affordable
with expenses and sales.  In order to stay competitive throughout these
years, we were able to perceive how important it was to build additional
capacity in order to enter the private label segments.  As we progressed
through the years with Big Baller Brand, we became aware of our closest
competitors being High Tech Shoes and Dependable Designs.


Hi-Tech Shoes high percentage in market share
and S/Q rating under the private label segment brought their company up to
being second ranked on the scoreboard in year 13 and third in year 14.
 The firm started off strong with their offer of providing free shipments
being able to meet their wholesale demand.  Although dropping the internet
price, models offered and eliminating free shipping after only two years, the
firm was able to raise their S/Q rating at the same time lost their placement
on the scoreboard against other competitors.  

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In the Internet and Wholesale Segments, Hi-Tech
Shoes had a continual shortage in the amount of models being offered and
available in most regions.  They also refrained from adding any form of
celebrity appeal for the first seven years.  It could’ve been that Hi-Tech
Shoes was focusing on saving their money or maybe they didn’t pay close enough
attention to previous bid offers.  Although they did gain revenue through
their private label segments, after eliminating thee, they began to descend on
the scoreboard below our company after year 16. The drastic move that was made
from Hi-Tech Shoes firm was improving their retailer support as well as staying
above average with rebate offers.  The firm’s last three year improvements
kept them level with Big Baller Brand which is why we considered to one of our
closest competitors.  


As Dependable Designs gradually works their way
into our market by obtaining a S/Q rating of 7 for most years and an 8 in year
17 keeps our perception open on not on their next move but our own as well.
 This firm has stayed within our range on the scoreboard from the very
beginning and has worked their way up on providing premium shoes.  They
started off strong in the simulation with enhancing additional capacity and
remaining high on investments for advertising.  The firm also stayed
dependable in providing a strong retailer support for their customers as well
as maintaining a high rebate offer.  

After the first six years, the firm drastically
drops their investments for advertising by thousands and after another two
years by another thousand.  The firm models that are offered and available
in both internet and wholesale segments remain low throughout the simulation.
 Dependable Designs also offers free shipping, but only for two years very
alike to High-Tech Shoes.  The firm’s market share drops as they decrease
their investments for advertising and quit expanding within the private label


After every year, the management team at Big
Baller Brand would come together every week to make adjustments within the
decision entries based on our latest weaknesses.  The two firms that we
determined to be our biggest competitors left most of their weaknesses for the
upcoming years.  Big Baller Brand held on to their competitive advantage
by remaining loyal to their customers by offering not only free shipping for
all purchases throughout the simulation but also a higher amount of models
available.  In order for our company to succeed and elevate within the
first half of the scoreboard we began to open additional plants until we met
our demand and gained additional sales.  It wasn’t until year 17 that we
raised our market share and increased our ratings on the scoreboard.  


We took notice of the advertising amounts that
were being distributed by our competitors and perceived it as a weakness.
 By following up with everyone in this simulation we made investments in
additional capacity to meet our markets demand.  We were able to fulfill
the advertising decision and offer even more to make our products at Big Baller
Brand well known.  The strengths we maintained throughout the years
included a high S/Q rating for our premium shoes and investing more for all
regions with celebrity appeal and advertisements.  This benefited us as
our attention was brought to our competitors decreasing their investments
within their own private label segments and advertising.  As the
management team for Big Baller Brand, we strived to meet our customers’ needs
by keeping our delivery time reasonable, offering additional models with our
latest capacities and staying consistent with our rebate offers and retailer

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