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As it’s mentioned above the traditional warehouse system has a problem of being inflexible and this results in inefficiency. In today’s logistics business, both human and machine are playing important. The development of G.Com and Auto-Store technologies are also playing an effective role in the logistics areas.  Based on the current development of different technologies, it’s difficult to say that no robot can replace a human being when it comes to identifying a product on the shelf, taking it out and packaging it for shipping. It’s not surprising that the development of G.Com (similar with Kiva) and Auto-Store is one of the pioneers in the automation of warehouse processes.  Many companies like Amazon is using Kiva. But BLG Logistics in Frankfurt are using G.Com System which developed by his own to challenge the Kiva amazon. But now G.Com/Kiva has another competitor from Swisslog which is called Auto-Store. It is also a robotic system that automatically moves goods to the station of picking and packing. The Euro-FRIWA in Würzburg is using the Auto-Store system. Below is a detail description of both systems along with their main character. The logistics company BLG Logistics is the first company in Europe to use one of the most modern storage and order-picking systems available. The so-called G-Com (very similar to Kiva) from the company Grenzebach Automation GmbH is a highly dynamic and scalable picking system that has revolutionized intralogistics in the Frankfurt logistics center of BLG Logistics.  The proven concept is goods to people principle. Employees in the picking area for returned goods no longer have to go to the goods, but the goods come to them. Racks move in the fully automated mode to flexible and ergonomically designed pick stations. Carry used for this purpose, are short enough to run under the mobile racks, raise and carry them to the stargates on a defined path (BLG Logistic, 2015).

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