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As I lay on my knees beside her with my hands drenched in her blood, I have already accepted the fact that I do not deserve to be here.

I am in the wastelands of Serendipity. Cautiously, I analyse every detail of the earth, hoping to find a trace of the presence of SATYA. Even hunters have to take precautions to prevent themselves from becoming the hunted. Suddenly, a revolting scent hits my nostrils from behind two broken vehicles. I smile with excitement like a hungry child does when he gets a burger as I approach the vehicles. I catch a glimpse of a SATYA member’s hand when he dashes away from me. I load my treasured MG-42 and shoot just one bullet at his leg. When the bullet hits his flesh, he falls like a rag doll and screams in agony. Such beautiful music to my ears. Very slowly, I stroll towards him so that he dreads his end. As we look at each other, I savour the fear in his eyes before I take out my knife and repeatedly stab him.

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My name is…. Well, actually, I do not have a real name, thanks to the evil scum that call themselves SATYA. I refer to myself as Jin, but I am officially identified as 08397 until we, PHANTASM, defeat SATYA.

I grunt as the best dream I’ve had was cut short. “Can’t you just call me Jin, Sergeant?,” I answer frustratingly. “It takes much less effort than referring to me as a number.”
The Sergeant folds his arms impatiently and frowns. “That will happen when you try and distance yourself from being as useful as a lifeless rag doll and help us eliminate SATYA,” he bluntly states. “08397.” He smirks.

I make my way outside for training and the usual drill. My body aches after the intense workout. I then head to the chow hall for breakfast. After queuing up for food for a few minutes, I sit down with a tray of bacon and scrambled eggs on a table with my friend, Min. Squeak squeak. Someone is wiping the windows and the sound being produced is annoying. Then someone jokingly says “Why is Jin laughing? Tell him to shut up.” I turn around and see that it is my friend named Kim. “That is absolutely hilarious, how original,” I say sarcastically. I will admit, my laugh does sound like a window being cleaned. It’s a burden. Kim sits down and shares a high-five with Min. Despite the old, repeated joke about my laugh, I smile a little. I turn my head to my tray. Despite how unappetising it looks, it tastes delicious.

Suddenly, the food I am consuming tastes repulsive. I glance at the clock above the chefs. 7.10 AM. Oh no. Then, I feel my insides ignite. In my pocket, I desperately dig for my Maska and pierce the needle in my arm. When the fluid transfers into my arm, the burning begins to cool down.
“You really have to keep track of your Maska schedule,” says Kim. “You know what happened to Jung in the field, he didn’t keep track of his Dema developing and he didn’t carry his supply. Didn’t take long for that poor fool to find the pain unbearable and put a gun in his mouth.”
“If it weren’t for stupid SATYA, then we wouldn’t need Maska and Jung would still be alive,” says Min, quite vengefully.

Today has been very exhausting. At around 9.30 PM, the lights are out.

I see four of them this time. A bloodbath it will be. Very satisfactory. They immediately take notice of me approaching them and sprint towards me because they believe that with more manpower, they will defeat me. I don’t mind, in fact, it is so much more fun when they actually have the guts to challenge me. One of them runs into my knife. I slowly twist the blade and she collapses like crumpled paper. Swiftly, I immediately remove the knife and slash two of their throats. The one that is still alive stares at me in horror. I pin him down and he is squirming like a fish caught on a hook. There is an unexplainable thrill of taking the light away from SATYA members’ eyes. I stare at him dead in the eyes, raise my blood-stained knife and….

This is no doubt the best wake-up call I have ever received. I have only ever killed 10 of them, so to have the opportunity to add to that number is a reward in itself. We are ordered to arm ourselves and head outside our base, ready to give them the hell they deserve, when they throw gas bombs at us so that our vision is blocked.
SATYA are really stupid. I would expect them to know that we can smell them. Idiots.
Guns ablaze, and I smell a SATYA member running away. I dash after them. It is a woman and she runs very fast. I shoot, but every single time I shoot, I end up missing. I chase after her for what feels like a long time. My thirst for blood motivates me to continue despite how hopeless it feels. I finally manage to shoot her in the stomach.

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