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As a health policy administration major I believe my
experience, skills and knowledge gained over the course of six semesters makes
me a great contender for your internship, which I learned about through the
internship database at The Pennsylvania State University. Your community
focuses on changing the face of aging, growing as a community and organization,
and providing residents with the best care that they can get. With my interests
in long-term care, I think I can be a great addition to your community.

There is a man that I had the opportunity to meet in
the past year. David Dixteen, he is in his mid 80s, has had various health
complications, and has recently been advised to be placed in a long-term care
facility. Over the course of a few months he has been in and out of different
facilities not finding the right one. He indicated poor quality of care from
the nurses, and staff, which resulted in a poor stay and ultimately him
leaving. His story really pushed me into the gerontology and long-term care
sector of health care. Your organization has a high reputation amongst communities
around the United States; I feel as though your organization is leading by
example, and other organizations should look to emulate what you are doing. I
am looking forward to a career as an administrator and hope to gain the
qualities fit an organization like yours.

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My academics here at The Pennsylvania State
University has pushed me to broaden my horizons and take a different approach
in my academics. I have taken on more of a leadership role: in group projects, amongst
my peers, and problem solving in a classroom environment. My core classes have
taught me all I need to learn to be able to succeed as an administrator, and as
employee in health care.

I hope to gain an interview with your organization to
discuss the internship and any future opportunities that you might have to
offer. Thank you for taking the time in viewing my application, I look forward
to hearing from you. 

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