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they were remained on their ancestral living style so its quite hard to live in
such harsh environment. In hot summer when days are extremely hot then no
surface water left, the draught may last for many months but san people have
adapted in such conditions due  to their
deep knowledge of wild herbs. They mainly use bibulb plant to extract water in
sumer or they make deep hole where sand is in shed and use hollow grass stem as
straw to suck water, mostly empty egg shells of ostrich egg were used as a
water container


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is no restrictions or duties given to childrens, they mostly spent their time
in playing, group discussion, music and their sacred dance.


in the san society were given higher status and were greatly respected and
sometimes considered as the leader of their own family. They collect berries,
fruits firewood, digging sticks and other herbs for their family while men go
for hunt. Thus being an old traditional living tries san people has good values
for womens.



peoples are good hunters they mostly hunt in team, they used different
techniques to hunt different animals depends on the animal size and the

hunt small animas like guinea fowls, duikers or hares they make traps by
twisting small plant and a thread is tied to one end of the plant and a loose
knot is made at other end and held on the ground with help of small twig.

also make deep conical pitfalls near rivers or other water sources and neatly
cover them by branches and leaves, a sharp stake is inserted in the bottom
center of the hole, thus if ny animal steps on the hole then it falls o the

hunt large animals they mainly use bow and arrow, the bow and arrow were used
were small as it is not meant to kill animal its the deadly poison on the tip
of the arrow which can kill nearly anyone. The poison was made by mixing a
caterpillar (known as “Ka” or ‘Ngwa”) is mixed with wild roots thus a poisonous
paste is made, though poison takes time to kill depends on animal size, once
the arrow hits the animal, the san hunters patiently tracks animal for few
hours until it dies.


people believe in one superior God who have created everything while the
presence of lesser gods have also seen in their worship, they have strong
believes in spirits and one spiritual being called “/kaggen”, the
trickster-deity appeared in many forms and can be observed in many myths and in
some spiritual worships.



Many san rock paintings can be in the rocky
areas of Kwazulu-Natal their paintings mainly contains strange human figure and
animals mainly Eland.

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