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As MIS expertise we should have better knowledge about the major component of management information system, such as people, data, business procedures, hardware and software. Above components are collaboratively work to produce the ultimate result of the management information system.
There are various types of information systems using around the world. The type of information system that user uses depends on their level in an organization. According to the following diagram we can map the three major levels of users in an organization and the type of information systems that they use.
In every organization top level manager are the people who make decisions regarding the future of the organization. Those decisions based on the output which is given by management information system. Since data is the blood stream of any business entity, information system is important and organized way of recording, storing data and retrieving information.
Main objective of MIS is the use of hardware, software and telecommunication networks to achieve business objectives. As example just think about some person who works for a company that has their clients in different locations. In that case they will be required to visit the clients time to time. While the visit they need to access their cash and for that they have to access the nearest ATM machine and even they can use mobile money from their phones and withdraw

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