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As I open the bright
red box, I am greeted by a very pleasant and irresistible fruity aroma. While
pouring the box into my bowl, ring shaped pieces rapidly fall out and are
colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. This blend of fruity
flavors includes what looks to be flavors of lemon, raspberry, orange, cherry,
and lime. Along with their bright colors, these pieces are also covered by a
heavy, white coat of sugar.  

            “Froot Loops”
are a heavily sweetened, “fruit” flavored cereal. This fun, rainbow colored
blend of cereal was one of my favorite childhood cereals that colored your bowl
a pretty purplish pink. Despite the name, there is no actual fruit present in
this cereal. At first glance, I read labels claiming ingredients of whole
grain, fiber, and vitamins, but no mention of natural fruit flavoring. As I
payed more attention to what each crispy rainbow-colored piece tasted like, I
realized that there is no actual difference in taste. It turns out that this blend
of multicolored rings don’t actually represent any real fruit flavors. “Froot Loops”
are all actually the same flavor. So, if realizing that this cereal didn’t actually
have real fruit wasn’t bad enough, now I have to think about all of the wasted
time effort I spent during my childhood picking out my least favorite flavor.

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            As it states in
Artificial Flavors “At first such
flavors were used to add taste and aroma to a limited range of foods – candies
and beverages, for example – and to provide inexpensive substitutes for certain
spices. No one expected them to completely replace natural flavors.” (Classen
et. al. 338). Often times, we may not pay close enough attention to the ingredients
in foods because of the way they appear, taste, or even cost. The foods we are
consuming are many times made with artificial flavorings and additives that we
may not even be aware of. This lack of awareness is due to the fact that we are
just accepting what we are told, or in this case not told, and neglecting to
look beyond the surface to see if it is actually true. These artificial flavors
were only supposed to add to the natural flavors we are consuming, not replace
them completely, something I hadn’t realized until after eating “Froot Loops”. 

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