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As we usher in 2018, we find ourselves yet again setting audacious goals in the form of New Year resolutions. Some in the list will be new, while many will have been brought forward from 2017. By March 2018 (or maybe sooner), many of these resolutions will be forgotten. Pattern looks familiar? Perhaps it’s a good time to reflect on why do we do what we do, and, more importantly, understand how we can use this reflection to set ourselves up for success.Habits: we all have them. They give us a sense of identity and we take them for granted. We know that Habits have the power to help us rise. In some cases, they are the reason for our undoing. Either way they are powerful. All successful individuals have certain habits they have cultivated that enable them to be successful. There are case studies of CEOs who have changed basic habits in the workplace and ensured success for their organizations as a result.How are Habits formed? Many small decisions over time add up to every Habit we have – good or bad. Examining these seemingly minor daily decisions (and changing them) enables us to walk the path to good health, professional success and fulfilment.Yet, this is easy to forget when we want to make lasting change. When we become obsessed with achieving quick results, whether it is acquiring a new skill or turning a New Year’s resolution into a practice, the only thing we think about is how to get to our goals. We fail to realize that the process for achieving these goals is just as important. The desire to achieve results quickly fools us into thinking that the result is the prize, whereas the actual win is in the daily process we follow, because this process is key to achieving the final outcome.The common mistake we make is setting our sights on an event or an outcome, rather than focusing on the Habit and the routine / practice. Understanding the power of Habit, whether in an individual or organizational context is important to drive group behavior towards specific outcomes. Habits shape people and hence shape businesses.

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