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As the wheel of time turns, the older generation must pass on to the next fruits of their labour, with the trust that they will enrich it, nourish it, and so serve a good cause for the benefit of the community. And so my father will one day hand over the reins of our family business to me, with the confidence that I will build upon it, enrich and consolidate it, and so continue to serve well the members of our society, and also expand it so even more may benefit from it. I believe I can do all of these, and more. I watched my father struggle to manage the business – which includes mills, hardware, clothing, the share market etc. – and have realised that there are several sectors that could improve, which would take the business to the next level. I have assisted him in certain ways- for example, by setting up a system to handle GST, and then automating it.

Despite the little I’ve done to help my father and learn from him the art of business, I still have miles to go before I can even hope to attain the masterful expertise that he possesses. We both know that I have it in me to push the boundaries that define success in this venture, and in this light I believe a formal education in the art of finance and business management from one of the most prestigious institutions in the nation will aid me in my endeavours by allowing me to organise and improve those skills which I already possess, at the same time allowing me to keep my mind open to learn new ones.

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Since school days, I have always been regarded as academically brilliant, having been awarded a scholar badge from ‘Maheshwari Mandal’ and a merit certificate throughout university education. I was always in the top ten. My passion for electronics and computers led me to choose Electronics and Communication Engineering as my undergraduate program from the well reputed Vellore Institute of Technology. I obtained a CGPA of 8.96 on the scale of 10.

As a teenager, I would read through the profiles of business leaders – successful entrepreneurs and top managers in leading corporations. Realizing my acumen for finance as a career, I decided to get my feet wet while I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree. I began watching stock markets and had a peek into cryptomarkets. VIT helped shape my career and paved the way to the doorsteps of Bank of America.

The company turned out to be a world in itself. In my first three months as a Sr. Tech Associate, working in the Reference Data Testing Life Cycle team, I got opportunities to interact with traders from renowned exchanges around the world like Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), London Stock Exchange (LSE), etc. At first, words like “investment banking”, “capital markets”, “equities”, “derivatives” etc. made little sense to me. I was resolved to educate myself in this domain, and attended seminars and lectures on various subjects in this field. I completed a certification ‘Building Banking Acumen’ offered by Stratadigm with distinction.  Armed with good analytical skills and experience in monitoring financial markets garnered during my college years, I began investing in cryptocurrency markets and Indian stock markets. The things which at one time made no sense me, now seemed clear as day.

My will to nurture my skills, my lust for knowledge, my insatiable curiosity, and desire to answer the unanswered aided me constantly throughout my career, embedding in me leadership qualities as well as interpersonal, organizational and networking skills.

I can never forget the time when I was an IEEE club member and helped organize an event called Technitude. I was the head of marketing, and we had to travel to several colleges, inviting students and persuading them to attend, offering them an opportunity to showcase their talents at the grand event. As a result of our hard work, the event was a grand success.

The unprecedented explosion of financial corporations and services has brought with it immense opportunities to utilize newer principles, methodologies, tools and practices in the industry. I wish to understand the broad theoretical foundation of finance and more specifically find myself in a well-reputed organization after earning my degree. I then hope to found a venture of my own that will help other entrepreneurs like myself achieve their dreams. This will also greatly help me in my mission to expand my family business.

The Finance Department at the University of New South Wales epitomizes a vibrant academic community, rich and diverse in its field of study and dynamic in its freedom of expression. Especially since my area of specialization is flourishing under the guidance of pioneering stalwarts in an outstandingly brilliant community. This is why I look forward to the selection and admission committees to turn my passion into concrete abilities – not just acquire a foundation of knowledge about how finance works but also its more pragmatic aspects.

 I often dream about the day when my father will finally pat my shoulders and utter those golden words – ‘Son, you are ready.’ 

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