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aseball is an important sport in American history and unfortunately it is an important sport for performance enhancing substances. In recent years PEDs have become the focus of media as their accessibility has increased. Evidence of this ease of accessibility is evident when looking at individuals like Greg Anderson. Gregory F. Anderson was born in February of 1996, and he is now currently 51 years old. He grew up playing sports in high school with his close friend Barry Bonds, who was a much better athlete than Anderson. Anderson then went on to play college baseball for Hays State University in Kansas where the college coach told him not to look for a career in professional baseball while Bonds made it into professional baseball. Anderson then became very interested in weight lifting and eventually transitioned into personal training as his future career. Anderson was eventually hired to be a personal trainer for Barry Bonds who was then playing for the Giants. Anderson is now linked with providing professional athletes PEDs starting circa 1998-2003, however the ingestivations only focus from 2001-2003. Some professional athletes that his name has been linked too are Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Benito Santiago, and Armano Rios. His involvement in illegal substances came to light in the BALCO raid, the Bay Area Lab Co-Operative, which was a lab that produced steroids that would not trip steroid tests. Federal law dictates that it is illegal to distribute anabolic steroids because they are Class III medications and Anderson along with BALCO cohorts were charged with intent to distribute. Anderson was also in possession of human growth hormone and this can only be distributed in certain settings, which Anderson was not doing legally. Anderson was also convicted of misbranding tetrahydragestrinone this is a criminal violation 2under the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, which requires proper labeling of all products. The FDA is involved due to the serious health risks that anabolic steroids can incur and other performance enhancing substances have side effects when misused. These men were convicted in 2003; supposedly they were selling from 2001-2003. The primary drugs that were being sold from BALCO and Anderson were the drugs “The Cream”, a testosterone based cream, and “The Clear”, tetrahydragestrinone, and both drugs would act like steroids without tripping the steroid test. Gregory F. Anderson has been convicted of possession of steroids with the intent to sell and money laudering. These men were supposed to see 5 years imprisonment and $250,00 fine. In 2005 Anderson pleaded guilty to possession of steroids with intent to distribute and Anderson was sentenced to 3 months in jail with 3 months of house arrest. However, this was not the end for Anderson’s court dates, he was supposed to be a key witness in the investigation of Barry Bonds but Anderson refused to testify and as a result spent approximately a year in jail over three different intervals. Anderson’s refusal to testify against Bonds made his family a target of the government and he has faced pressure to give Bonds up. It is suspected that Anderson’s involvement in PEDs began due to a money problem after his divorce from his first wife. Anderson’s career is of interest because it highlights the ease at which steroids can be attained and exemplifies how corrupt the professional sports system is and that many athletes willingly take steroids as long as they believe that they won’t get caught. Anderson’s case demonstrates that we can never become compliant with our current understanding and drug testing for performance enhancing drugs because individuals out there stand to make a lot of illegal money through sales of drugs that pass urine tests.

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