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Ashna Sharma
Bhuvinder Vaid
June 14, 2018
Why Should Marijuana Be Considered As Medicine In Canada?
Marijuana is made from the plant Cannabis Sativa which is also known as Cannabis is used as a medicine. Canada is the first country who is in favourfor legalization of marijuana.I argue that marijuana should be considered as a medicine in Canada because of its health benefits and effective therapeutic drug.Marijuana is used by patients suffering from chronic illness or other acute medical conditions .Doctors have been prescribing it to treat with nausea caused by anxiety and depression because it is made up of 2 chemicals which are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) and both of this chemical are use to get rid of pain. Marijuana is less toxic and affordable medicine as compare to other drugs so it is good medical option for pain relief medicine for neuropathic pain . “It is made up of active ingredient such as tetradrocannabinal (THC) which is developed in the form of pill. And due to its low price it is good reason for its legalization so that the treatment for neuropathic treatment will be affordable for everyone”. (Druzin,Randi,57 ). Marijuana can be used for treatment of cancer and to get ridof anxiety, depression,nausea.

Cannabis is used as an alternative treatment for “chronic pain such as musculoskeletal, arthritic joint pain, and neuropathic types of pain. If someone suffering from such problems use of opiod treatment it take more time but marijuana as a pill can relief pain as soon as compare to other treatments and it will be easy method for patients in which there will be no pain.One of the good benefit of marijuana is that where everyone think that it has bad effect on lung but this is not true because marijuana increase lung capacity rather than causing any damage to lungs.The two main chemicals in marijuana also kill tumor cells and prevent cancer to spread and also control progression of Alzheimer disease. Almost everyone think that smoking marijuana is bad for health but many scientist proved that smoking marijuana significantly reduce pain so it is not bad if someone use it in this way.Marijuana can also help to control death rate due to overdose of opioids because of strong and powerful chemicals opiod are harmful for health and cause addiction which results in deathso it is not a safe option but on otherside if someone use marijuana to treat disease it is good as compare to opioid treatment because it is not risky and safe option because chemicals present in marijuana help to get rid of pain and donot cause death .It is also beneficial for patients suffering from crohn’s disease and effective for treatment of Hepatitis C, bowl disorder, nightmares any many more diseases so due to all of this good health benefit it should be legalized and is good medical option because of such a countless benefits. As all of this disease are very common in Canada I think use of marijuana can decrease health problems.

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As I argue that some people are in favour for legalization of marijuana but on other side some are against it and fight for prohibition due to many faulty assumption or myths. Should marijuana legalized or prohibit? Where there are good health benefits of marijuana there are also few side effects of using this drug. According to some people they think that use of marijuana can lead to addiction to the patient and there are a lot of side effects of this drug.Due to which it is prohibited.Marijuana was banned because people misused it. The side effects of this drug is that recreational marijuana increased appetite and cause significant physical, psychological and sociological damages. ( Beauvais, Edana,3). Although, people think cannabis is not a dangerous drug but its overdoes has numerous harmful effects and even long- term effects on human body on cognitive functioning, physical condition, and overall health.”Marijuana has harmful effects, especially when it is smoked and can cause a chronic cough and increased risk of bronchitis and other lung infections. It can also interfere with learning and memory, affect driving (especially if combined with alcohol), make some people anxious and paranoid, and can lead to addiction”. (Science World p26-27). If there were no strict rule for using this drug it will become common and children and some young adults can take advantage of this and can use it for illegal purpose so government should only allow the use of this drug to doctors with a proper license so it will not used by everyone commonly because they can also grow marijuana at there home can use it illegally.Most people think marijuana can be taken only through inhalation. This method,is quite common, is dangerous as it may cause lung and throat cancer from the smoke but Today, science has opened newer ways for people to take medical marijuana. Oral methods are applicable. Without the danger of harming our lungs, the physician may administer the cannabis orally or by mouth. Which is safe and help to prevent the symptoms of disease in fast way because it is inhale through mouth it can also be given to children’s although there were also misconception about this that marijuana should not be given to children as it may harm to them which is totally wrong.

However,there are both advantages and disadvantages of using marijuana as a medicine in Canada but it’s health benefits overcome the negative effects and it can help a lot of patients suffering from critical conditions in cheap way rather than spending a lot of money on opiod treatments but it should not be used illegally by considering its harmful effect specially by childrens it should be taken on the advice of doctor. However it is not used as medicine in Canadabut still in controversy. It should be legalized so it will be easy to treat witha serious diseases in less time and with less side effects and in such a country where cancer and neuropathic problems are common there is much need of such a medicine. “Even the most severe critics, Medical cannabis is safer than opioids when it comes to the risk of fatal overdose”. (Hsu, Jeremy,p10-12). So use marijuana also decrease our dependence on opiods and can cure symptoms of various diseases. Marijuana is also effective to help patient’s suffering from depression and can change mood. As all plant products are good and organic marijuana is one of that drug 
As I discussed above that marijuana has a lot of useful effects and it is illogical and heartless if we deny patients with serious health problems and prohibit the use of this drug as a medicine that could help mediate pain. And there are several options to treat cancer, neuropathic pain, anxiety but the cheap and best way is medicine which contain marijuana because it will relief pain within 2 or 3 hours and can save a lot of time and money that a patient is going to spend on opiod treatments. Marijuana give a lot of health benefits and help to reduce opioid overdoes, safe and easily affordable so there is no reason to say no for this drug due to few misconceptions and myths we cannot neglect the useful benefits from this drug so I think it should be considered as a medicine which will be good medical option and will help a lot to all the patient’s suffering from such harmful diseases to get rid of it and improve medical conditions in present and future .

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