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At the time Beats were originally made, there were two issues in the music industry.  Firstly, piracy was leading to the fall in record sales and also plastic low quality ear buds were making the audio quality of the music poor.  This is why Dr Dre had the idea to create Beats – a good quality and good looking music accessory.  Dr Dre (also known as Dre) came up with a plan with James Lovine, a record producer also known as Jimmy Lovine.  They thought that Steve Jobs (Apple’s co-founder and CEO) was clever by putting together technology and popular culture but they decided to make an object to playback the music which was on the Apple tech.  They marketing the product as if it were a singer (such as Tupac) or a band (like Guns N Roses)Whilst creating the first Beats headphones, Lovine displayed different prototypes and asked all the people who visited him their opinion.  When they were getting ready to launch the product, they sent a pair to LeBron James (a famous and very popular basketball player they had contact with).  He loved Beats and ordered fifteen immediately.  When the 2008 U.S. Olympic Basketball team arrived in Shanghai, they were all wearing them.They created more adverts to include sports stars in the U.S.  One in particular was with Richard Sherman (an outspoken Seattle Seahawks cornerback) and Beats got even more popular.  Sherman always got attention when talking about his opponents after the game and then the Beats also got attention. (ref: marketing team for Beats don’t think about what products sell best or which ones have the best marking, they think about what the consumer should learn about.  They often use popular sports stars to wear the product to obtain a greater audience.PRICEDr Dre Beats are expensive but because of the good quality, which is well known, so people are prepared to pay the price.  The price range is £50.00 to £400.00 depending on the product and where you buy it.

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